Dry hair is a problem that both men and women all over the world face. This has naturally led to an abundance of different shampoos, conditioners, and treatments that claim to fix dry and damaged hair. Now before you go looking for that perfect hair care treatment, it's important that you understand the causes of dry hair. We'll also touch on a few things you can do to prevent this problem before you spend a bunch of money on products.

There are many different causes of dry hair. Some of these things are fairly straight-forward and obvious. Other reasons, though, may surprise you. The most common reasons for damaged hair are what I like to call "environmental" factors. By this, I mean, anything that comes from the outside world. Hair damage suffered from exposure to the sun, in particular, is very common. We all know that UV rays are bad for our skin, but for some reason people don't make the connection between dry hair and sunshine. So how can you prevent your hair from being damaged by the sun? Easy! Simply cover it up! Wear a hat or maybe a bandana... If this doesn't work, look at buying some kind of shampoo with UV protection. Other environmental factors that aren't quite as damaging as the sun but still have a tendency to damage hair are the wind and salt water. If you go swimming in the ocean, make sure you wash your hair out with fresh water right afterwards. This will prevent the salt from setting into your hair's vital proteins and doing any serious damage.

Other than these outside factors, there isn't much that causes dry hair. Here are a few things to consider though. Don't use too much shampoo when you wash your hair. Of course you have to keep your clean but this doesn't mean you have to go crazy! Just a small amount will usually suffice unless you have ridiculously thick hair. Another thing you may want to think about is how you wash your hair. If you're really rough while shampooing, it could cause damage. There's no need to rub shampoo or conditioner into your in an aggressive fashion. Simply massage it into your scalp. Shampooing isn't a race. It's better to take 5 minutes washing gently than it is to finish in 2 minutes with a rough technique. Using a lot of different treatments or colors can also have negative effects on a person's hair. If you do color your hair, make sure to read the label of the dye your using. Many hair coloring products have unnatural ingredients that can damage the proteins meant to protect your hair. Consider limiting the amount of hair care products you use to just a couple. Your hair will thank you for it - The natural way!