Niche Refinery is a keyword tool that is available to members of The Keyword Academy (TKA). The TKA is a make money slowly but reliably program which is mostly built as a learning program for new internet marketers, bloggers, and online business consultants. The Academy teaches it's fresh members how to make a living online without apologizing for the amount of work required to make a living online.

The philosophy of TKA is that you have to build helpful and valuable websites for the end user on topics that are easy to monetize. The easiest ways to monetize are using Adsense or Chitika or similar ad networks followed by affiliate sales, consulting, and product development & sales. Each of these are valid ways to earn a living and none of them are any easier or faster than the others. Going about this the TKA way each method will require hard work and a lot of time and dedication… they also believe for the bulk of people tools will be needed to make things a little easier and that's where Niche Refinery comes in.

What Is Niche Refinery

Niche Refinery is the keyword identification tool provided exclusively to members of The Keyword Academy. Using their philosophy of building web properties and then monetizing them the best way of getting the bal rolling is to target search terms that are easier to rank for but yet still have commercial value. There are plenty of free keyword identification tools out there both paid and free but Niche Refinery is unique in it's simplicity and in it's integration with Adwords Keyword Tool – the free keyword tool provided by Google's Adwords program.

If you signup for The Keyword Academy you can have your first month free with your ability to cancel at anytime. After your first month if you do not cancel your cost for membership will be $33 per month. During your first month and for every month after your first month you have access to Niche Refinery and should hit the ground running by selecting a niche topic and identifying a handful of great keywords to target for the first pages of your website or article.

How To Identify Keywords With Niche Refinery

Step 1 – Setup Your Adwords Keyword Tool

After you signup for a TKA membership you will want to head over to Adwords keyword Tool to begin mining for keyword ideas. This is the go to option for most free keyword tools because it is provided by Google.

From Adwords you will want to type in a niche root keyword like "telephones" – type in the CAPTCHA and search. After your first search you want to change the search results to "Exact" in the lower left sidebar and then click columns in the upper right of your screen. Change the displayed columns to only show the keywords, the Global Monthly Search Volume, and the Estimated Avg. CPC. Next scroll to the bottom of the page and change the displayed results to 100 instead of the default 50. At this point reapply the search to get your new list of keywords.

Step 2 – Download Thousands Of Keywords in Minutes

Once your setup is complete you should have a list of 100 keywords which relate to your main niche keyword. In the upper left of your list there is a button that says "download to CSV" – click this download button and save the file to an easily accessible area of your computer.

Once you save this CSV file then key in another similar keyword to your niche in the search box and search for it. This will bring up another list of 100 closely related keywords. Some of these keywords will be identical but don't worry about that. Save this CSV file just as you did the first one and continue searching new related keywords and downloading the results to your computer in a CSV file.

Make sure to search for related but different terms. F the niche market you are researching is computer hardware do a search for "computer hardware", then do one for "notebook hardware", then do one for "computer parts", then do one for "desktop computer components", then do one for "Notebook accessories", then one for another variant general keyword, then another, then another. Make sure to search for high volume keywords which can return at least a hundred related keywords for every search.

As you do this do not spend any time whatsoever looking through the list of keyword potentials, this is not your job, it is the job of Niche Refinery. This process of searching keywords and downloading the 100 results that Adwords gives you can go real fast and in less than five minutes you can easily have 15-25 CSV files continuing a hundred keywords each. You can continue doing this as long as you wish but quite often downloading just 15-20 files in five to ten minutes is just fine. Once you are satisfied you have enough then just stop and fire up Niche Refinery from the TKA member's area.

Step 3 – Upload Your Keyword Leads To Niche Refinery

This is the easiest part of them all and it's what really separates Niche Refinery from other keyword tools. You simply upload all the CSV files you just downloaded through their web-based file uploader tool and then walk away and get on with your life. As the files upload they will begin processing and you will have nothing to do for a few hours. Many people like to step away and get to work on other projects and come back to the keywords the next day – after all instead of doing the keyword research on the 2000 keywords you just downloaded Niche Refinery is doing it for you.

Long story short what Niche Refinery is doing while you do other things is it is looking up the top four search results for each keyword uploaded to the system. It identifies the Google Page Rank of these keywords, the title tags of the top four pages, and calculates the estimated earnings potential of ranking number one for the keyword based on the CPC and search volume that Google provides. Based on the difficulty of the keywords it calculates a difficulty score for the keywords on a numerical scale starting at 1 for least difficult.

Basically if the top results for a keyword were all ranked PR5-PR8 then the difficulty score would be very high. For top ranked URLs which all have PRs of 0-1 the difficulty score would be very low. You could do this yourself on your own but looking up this info manually for each keyword is an extremely long and boring process. Niche Refinery can do this for you while you sleep.

Step 4 – Trim Your Keyword List

When you wake up in the morning after having loaded up your keywords for overnight digestion you will find a pruned list on Niche Refinery's online interface. The program will filter out your duplicates and show you all your keywords left in order of their difficulty level. You can then filter the list down as you see fit. The most obvious thing to do from here is to filter out the most difficult keywords which are those with difficulty scores above 200. This leaves a lot less left over.

Next, filter out the keywords which have low search volume. Often this means choosing what your lower limit in volume may be. For some this may be 1000 for others this may be 500. I like to keep everything that is at least 100 or above. Now I wouldn't go after a difficult keyword if it only had a hundred but the lower the difficulty score gets the lower I am wiling to go on search volume. Difficulty scores below 50 is often a good threshold for low volume r low potential – I like to see what's available and what's not.

After setting your filters which are self-explanatory on the Niche Refinery interface you will most like be left with a list which is about one eighth or less the size that you just uploaded but everything on the list will be relatively easy to rank for and potentially lucrative too.

One of the filters if the earnings potential so if you only want to go after keywords that have high potential then make sure to set your threshold on this filter. Generally the higher then earnings potential the more backlinks you will have to build but that is all dependent on your preferences. Some people like going after a few keywords with high potential. They build tons of backlink whereas others go after the low hanging fruit and need less backlinks but make way less on a per keyword basis. The choice is up to you what you want to do.

Step 5 – Publish Content And Build Backlinks As Appropriate

Once you identify your list of keywords then all you have to do now is to publish content on all your keywords and then build backlinks to them based on their respective difficulty levels. The other TKA tools will help you do this. Streamline will help you keep track of what keywords you are building backlinks to and PostRunenr will provide you a conduit to build those backlinks. This step is crucial to making a living online and it is a lot of work but because of the Niche Refinery tool the work required to build this income stream will be much less.

If you haven't yet taken advantage of The Keyword Academy's free first month you can signup today and give it a try. The trial membership is all inclusive, trial members have access to all the membership tools to see exactly how they work and get used to them. The more work you do this first month the faster your income will increase and the more you will see the value of the suite of tools available to Keyword Academy members. Niche Refinery is an excellent tool but it is far more powerful when used in tandem with PostRunner and Streamline.