How To Impress A Girl For A Hot Date

Are you wondering how to impress that hot girl that you have had your eyes on forever? Maybe you don't have the confidence ask her out let alone talk to her. Trying to impress a girl is an art form that takes time to learn. The philosophy is simple but the execution is somewhat difficult. Let's talk about how to impress a girl for a date and get you on the couple's bandwagon fast.

All girls are different yet, the same. In order to impress a girl you have to be in touch with her 3 key areas. Her mental side, her physical side, and her emotional side. Now depending on what her triggers are is your job to find out. You won't know right off the bat what excites a girl but you can be prepared.

#1. The Mental Side

There is one thing that a girl loves in a man that is very valuable and that is his brains. Girls love a man that is smart but not justin the way that you think. Book smarts are great for impressing girls but if you use your smarts in a charming way, you can work your way in. An example would be a girl about to walk outside in the rain with no umbrella. Before she walks out of the door tell her that she is forgetting her umbrella. Then you give her yours. This demonstrates that fact that you paid enough attention to recognize that this young lady needed anumbrella, and you smartly gave up your dry-being to make sure that she is taken care of. That's brownie points my friend!

#2. The physical side

Make no mistake about it that all girls love a guy who takes care of himself. Girls like guys with a firm body, a white smile, and great looking hair. If you are scrawny enroll in a workout program. If your hair reaches your knees get a clean cut. If you are wearing clothes that are ripped and dirty, go to the mall and work on your appearance. Your physical side is what gets you into the door of impressing a girl and it should not go overlooked.

#3. The emotional side

Women love a man who is somewhat sensitive. You don't have to be tough to impress a girl. If you were to see a girl having a bad day or shelooks like she is in the dumps, give her a rose. You will be surprised how much she will appreciate it and she will think that you are the sweetest guy on the planet.

So before you try to ask a girl on a date make sure that you have your ducks in a row. By upholding the 3 key areas you will have a much betterchance at bat with impressing a girl that a person who has no clue. The ball is in your court, all you have to do is shoot it.