Do you have poor circulation in your feet?  Improving the circulation in your feet should be one of the most important things you can do for yourself.  Many diabetics in particular have poor foot circulation however you don’t have to have diabetes to have the problem.  One reason why improving circulation is so important is because having adequate blood flow to the region helps with healing and with fighting infection in the event of any foot injuries.

Improving Circulation In Feet – Why It’s Important

Steps To Lower Cholesterol Levels In 4 WeeksAs previously stated it’s very important to have the best blood circulation in your feet as possible.  In the case of diabetes people with poor circulation or small artery disease in the feet have a very difficult time with healing and in fighting infection.  Many long term diabetics have what is called diabetic foot neuropathy in which the nerves of the feet do not function as they should and small sensation is not felt very well if at all.  This leads many diabetics to develop blisters that they don’t feel coming on, cuts that worsen because people don’t know they exist, and stubbed toes that are worse than originally thought because pain is reduced.

When foot injuries like these occur and poor circulation exists the blood flow to the area which is responsible for healing is diminished.  Cuts take a while to heal because white blood cells can’t get to the wound efficiently.  Even antibiotics sometimes fail to work because they are administered through the blood stream.  Because blood flow is so weak many diabetics with serious foot injuries end up not being able to fight off infection and some result in amputation.  In fact more amputations are the result of this than for any other reason.

Additionally people, no matter if they have diabetes or not, are much healthier when they improve their circulation.  Many people suffering from poor blood flow in the feet have arteries which are partially blocked.  This can be the result of plaque buildup in the arteries so it may be a warning sign for other more serious health issues down the road.

How To Improve Blood Circulation In Your Feet

Increase Circulation In Feet With MassageLuckily the best method to increase blood circulation in the legs and feet is as simple as starting a regular exercise regimen.  Exercise is by far the best way to improve your circulatory system and it is quite reliable in improving circulation problems for most people.  Obviously you will want to change your diet for the better and wear the right shoes but the act of starting an exercise routine is very important.

You need to make sure to wear good shoes for diabetics if you have diabetes as these will not only be athletic shoes but they will also be designed to improve blood circulation by not binding around the foot and ankle.  Diabetic athletic shoes are really good for non diabetics too for the same reason so they are worth considering.  The best way to improve circulation in the feet is to make this a routine.  You can’t just go walking or jogging on occasion; go every day.  If you make this part of your everyday life then you will get the most benefit out it and your circulation problems will start to diminish.  Just make sure to stay in touch with your doctor so that he or she can help guide you through the process.