In the early part of the 20th century the average human life span was much lower than it was at the dawn of the 21st century. Human longevity had seemingly increased over the century with little widespread knowledge of how it happened. Most significantly in the increase in longevity was the advancement of medicine in treating infection. With the advent of antibiotics diseases like influenza and pneumonia suddenly were less deadly and surgery was safer.

In addition to advancements in modern medicine ranging from antibiotics to treatments for conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, and cancer human longevity significantly increased as workplace safety become more important in society. Workplace accidents decreased as workers moved from the factories to behind desks and as requirements for safety features on machinery were required.

Recently however improving life expectancy is getting both more scientific and more lifestyle oriented. We are getting to the point in which simple medicine and basic safety measures have increase human longevity to a point where lifestyle choices and high science play much greater roles in our lives. Increasing longevity has a lot to do with the basic lifestyle choices you make, the habits you hold, the foods you eat, and the genes you were born with. Despite this however longevity science still offers us some clues on how to improve longevity naturally and safely even while we wait for the next medical breakthrough.

How To Increase Longevity Naturally

Various researchers have been studying longevity and long lived people for clues on how to naturally improve longevity. One of the longest lived people Walter Breuning when he was 113 shared his secrets of longevity and they match up quite well with the findings of many longevity experts.

To improve your longevity you have to do a few things and stick to them for a lifetime. They are like lifestyle habits that are akin to wearing your seatbelt and looking both ways before you cross the street. Groups of long lived people share commonalities in their lifestyles which we can learn from and apply to our lives to increase our longevity.

Improving your longevity requires you to avoid habits which increase your risk for a short life. Things like this include carelessness, smoking, binge drinking, unsafe driving practices, speeding, etc. You also have to avoid overeating as overeating leads to obesity which greatly increases your risks for developing heart disease, diabetes, or stroke.

You also have to take on new lifestyle habits like staying physically active every day. You don't have to work out intensely every day but you have to be on your feet and active which helps to keep your body in good working order. Increasing your longevity also requires you to be aware of the amount of food you are eating. Calorie restriction with optimal nutrition has widely been shown in countless animal studies to extend life; you have to make this a habit in your life to keep your calorie count down on a daily basis.

Food science has also shed light on how to live longer by identifying many foods which work synergistically to improve health. Some of these food synergies and nutritional strategies are easier to implement in your diet whereas others are harder. To address these difficulties you can naturally try to improve your longevity by taking the right supplements. Improving longevity with Juevenon or other nutritional supplements can be smart if you don't rely on it too heavily.

Naturally increasing your longevity is not a pipe dream. Medical advances are coming down the pipeline every day making life expectancy greater and greater but why rely only on medicine. If you do your part by improving the lifestyle choices you make on a daily basis you should be easily able to outlive the average life expectancy for your generation. Stay healthy be proactive; you won't regret it as you age gracefully for many years into the future.