In today's busy world, you may be stuck on how to improve memory and concentration. There are literally hundreds of things every day that can distract you or impair your learning. How do you get your edge back? These ideas can help. They are proven methods to increase your focus and your memory.

Try teaching somebody else what you are learning

How great does it feel to be a teacher, right? But it also helps you own the material. You can't teach what you don't fully understand yourself. By forcing yourself to create contexts and connections while you are teaching another, you are layering this material in a stronger way in your brain. It's much better than verbatim memorization for long-term learning.

Use mnemonic devices

If you need to remember anything word for word or in a particular order, mnemonic devices (or simply - word tricks), can be very effective, especially in the short term. Some of the more popular ones to use as memorization techniques include building acronyms or developing acrostics.

Add exercise into your memory enhancement regime

Exercise is not only important for your physical body, it's important for your memory and mental health, too. When you exercise, you are increasing the oxygen flow to your brain. This helps lower the chances of disorders and diseases that may affect your memory over the long haul.

Plus exercise is an amazing way to snap your concentration back after a long day of distractions. If you need to rebuild focus, it's the perfect solution. Take a jog, go to the gym or even walk your dog. You'll come back feeling ready to concentrate.

Work out that brain

Just like your body, your mind needs a real workout to perform in tip-top shape. Contrary to popular belief, though, puzzles probably won't keep senility or dementia at bay, but they can improve your ability to concentrate and focus. Try out some crosswords or word games. It doesn't matter if you complete them or not, it just matters that you put your concentration fully into it.

Don't skip breakfast, lunch or dinner

How can you expect your memory or concentration to be there when you need it if your body is running on fumes? When you are hungry, the last thing your body want to do is concentrate on something other than a food source. This is especially true in the mornings right after waking up. Eat before getting down to any activities that need your full concentration.

Rid your world of distractions

Some distractions are tough to remove but others you have total control over. If you tend to get distracted by your television or the radio, get out of the scenarios where they can be a distraction at all. You don't need to sell them, just go to a library or sit outdoors. You could even set up a room that is solely built for concentration - a no distraction zone.

If you are really looking for how to improve memory and concentration, you owe it to yourself to give these tips a shot. You'll find you can get more done and remember more in the process.