More and more people are turning to their PC to earn their living or a second income. Whether blogging, selling on eBay or affiliate marketing, ideas for earning an extra income are in abundance. The internet is continually opening up more possibilities for extra cash as it becomes faster and more reliable. The question is, can your PC keep up?

Speeding up Your Computer to Improve PC Performance

To speed up computer software is easier than you think, and by doing this you will accrue valuable time to make more money. Perhaps the most annoying aspect of a slow computer is waiting for it to boot up - you can lose 10 minutes a day just waiting for the boot. What's more, if you start clicking the mouse frantically the computer can crash and then you need a further restart!

The reason your computer is starting slowly is likely because you have unnecessary programs booting up when you switch on. Together, these programs take ages to boot, leaving you sitting there listening to your hard-drive crunching. These programs then run in the background making your computer's performance slower.

You don't need all these programs to boot on start-up because you can access them manually if you need to start them later. The type of programs I am talking about are MSN, Windows Media Player, Skype, CD burning Software and the list goes on. I have seen computers booting 10+ unnecessary programs on start-up.

Altering the Start-up Menu

When you install a program, quite often the program is configured to be added to your start up function – it then automatically becomes part of the boot sequence. Follow the instructions below to deselect the programs slowing down your boot process.

>Boot up your PC.
>Go to the 'start' menu
>Type in 'msconfig'
> Press 'Run' (Vista users click as it comes up in the menu above)
>You will see a 'System Utility Configuration' menu
>Select the tab 'Startup'
> Deselect the programs you do not need to boot when you start the system
>Click 'Apply' and then choose to restart your computer

Things You Will Need

Windows PC


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