Have you ever wished that you were smarter? Did you ever think about becoming an Astronaut or a doctor only to be told that you didn't have the brains? Most of us are put in boxes when it comes to our careers. We are constantly told by our peers that they know best when it comes to our future and that we should just follow their advice. However there are many of us stuck in boring careers which don't fulfil us because we took someone else's advice. This is a shame because you have very intelligent people doing boring laborious tasks everyday and they could be doing something better with their lives. So what's stopping most of us from achieving our dreams in the first place?

Unfortunately to get a third level degree you're going to have some sort of brains to get you there. Some students struggle to get to where they want to be while others don't even study and seem to pass every exam without much sweat. So how do they do it? Well it does come down to brain power in the end but it's something which anyone can attain if they put their minds to it. Many college students who aren't that intelligent use a method called "mind mapping" to get them the points they need. It's a simple process; you just write out a brief description of your study material and fill in the blanks with descriptive pictures which are linked to other pictures which you draw in bright colours. The image will stick in your mind and it's a great way to learn new material.

There is another smart way which some students are applying to their study right now and that's the use of subliminal technology to change the way their brain works. These subliminal messages bombard the subconscious part of the brain and have shown some real results in the past. They will enable you to process new information the right way and will enable the brain to recall this information easily. By using a combination of mind mapping techniques and subliminal messages you can really increase your brain power in only a matter of weeks.