Help For Troubled Teens Is Not Far Away

Today's youth seem to be somewhat different than we were when we were children; troubled teens seem to be common as opposed to being a rarity. These kids seem to do less and expect more, leaving us as parents to wonder what has happened to the youth of today. This article will give you a little bit of insight about how we can improve our youth to help ensure a bright future and what we can do to speed up the process a bit.

Stop falling victim to the pressure of other people's ideas and expectations. Some changes in society are responsible for our disappointment that we experience today. As standards of behavior and expectations get lower, the product is obvious: youth have an overwhelming sense of entitlement and lack initiative. Do not attempt to compete with other parents who allow their child to listen to certain types of music, or purchase extravagant video game systems. Your home is your sanctuary; keep it pure and your beliefs intact and your child will follow your lead.

Forbid your children from exhibiting what I call "TV Behavior". Too many popular television shows and sitcoms depict children walking away from their parents while they are speaking to them, slamming doors, name calling and showing other blatant signs of disrespect towards adults. Make it clear that while the "TV Parents" might accept this behavior readily, you do not, and you will not. Children are allowed to be upset or angry with their parents, but they should not be permitted to be disrespectful.

Help your child learn to earn. As a young man, I saved up all of my allowance for many weeks to buy myself a skateboard. When I finally had enough money to make my purchase, I treated the skateboard as if it were lined with gold. Children of today get these things so easily and in such large amounts that they don't appreciate them at all; and why should they? They didn't have to work in order to earn these things, so why would they have any respect for them? If it's broken, it will be replaced, right? There is pride in earning something, and waiting builds patience; teach your child to work for and appreciate what they get, and they will continue to do so well into adulthood.

Get involved with your kids as much as you can. We all need to work to make ends meet, and can get overwhelmed with work. It's still important to take time out of your busy schedule and spend some quality time with your children. Many parents tend to give their children material things, because they have more money than time. Even if you only have 15 minutes to spare on a Sunday afternoon, that's still quality time spent, and your child won't forget it.

Most importantly, whether you have a troubled teen, a wayward youth, or just an adolescent who is a pain in the butt, make sure that you look for the obvious causes of poor behavior first, then react accordingly. This is one of the many simple things that we can to do help today's youth to ensure a bright future for all of us.

Help For Troubled Teens

Helping today's youth is a huge investment in our future.