Show Up In Search Engines

The easiest way to get found online and to increase your web traffic is to show up higher in the search engines like google, bing, and yahoo. There are is one easy way to increase your ranking.

Get Backlinks

Backlinks are one way links from another site to your site. You can create backlinks by putting your website's URL as your signature on a forum site. Every time you post on that forum your website will receive another backlink.

You can also comment on similar blogs. Use the "author" box to put in your keyword and the "website" box to put in your URL. This can take a long time but is often worth it.

Also, you can create "Web 2.0" backlinks. Look up that term in google and you will find a lot of people offering small amounts of money to have your website put on 100 other sites. Avoid this offer at first and spend your time building each backlinks manually. If a search engine crawler sees that all of a sudden you just happened to get 100 backlinks in one day, it will see that as fishy and penalize your site. Bigger sites do not have to worry about this.

Write Articles

Writing articles for more popular websites than your own is a good way to get "authority" backlinks. You can use sites like InfoBarrel, EzineArticles, and GoArticles to spread the word about your product. I recommend that your write a 400-500 word article about a small section of your niche and post it to an article database that I listed above. In the "author biography" box, put 2 links to your website.

Use Social Media

Lots of gurus say to use Social Media to improve website traffic but no one really knows what that means. It basically means to engage with your visitors where THEY are spending their time.

On Facebook you can give away prizes for people who share your link. Since you have a mutual connection (friends), seeing those statuses the social proof is higher and you will get more traffic.

On Twitter you should follow your first couple hundred followers back and decide if you want to direct message them. If you send your link to 100 people odds are you will get a couple more visits but do not spam. Finally, use the twitter search to find people talking about your subject and follow them, retweet them, or send a reply answering their question or complaint.

Get Visitors To Visit More Pages

To really ramp up your website traffic you need to make people who are already on your site stay their longer and visit more pages. One way you can do this if you have a blog is to install a "Related Posts" plugin. After every article it will show 5-10 similar articles that the reader can immediately check out.

Make sure that your search and navigation are easy to use for your visitor. What may seem clear to you is unclear to your traffic.

Get Visitors To Come Back

Keep giving people good content and information and they will come back to read more. It's the only guaranteed way to increase your online traffic.

Hopefully this guide to improving website traffic gave you some useful and actionable tasks to get started on. Now go make some backlinks!