This quick guide is for all the people that want to improve their adsense earnings on Blogger. If you are like me and want to make as much money online as possible, then it doesn't hurt to try every little trick to make that extra buck. I have been creating blogs on Blogger for roughly 2 years, with the sole purpose of earning money.

A very underestimated way of getting more money from your blog is by ad placement. Ad placement is often forgotten, as most bloggers focus on SEO and other ways to produce traffic. Generating lots of traffic is important but you also need those people to be clicking your ads to earn you money. After trying several different locations for my Google adsense ads, I decided to put one above my header and track its results. Now, I didn't see huge increases in my earnings, but it was a noticeable improvement. The header ads were getting a lot higher click rate and over time it really helped to boost my revenue.

Things You Will Need

A Blogger blog and a Google Adsense account.

Step 1

Sign into your Blogger account and go to the Design page and then go to Edit HTML.

Step 2

In your Blogger template you are going to look for the following code:
b:section class="header" id="header" maxwidgets="1"
The quickest way to find it is by using CTRL F and enter part of the code.

Step 3

Once you found the code all you have to do is change the number of maxwidgets to 2 instead of 1, then save template and return to your Design Page Elements screen.

Step 4

Now just create a gadget or drag an already made one and drop it above your blogs header. Click save, view your blog and you will see the new gadget above your blogs header.

Tips & Warnings

If you are deciding what type of adsense ad would work best or look best, I had the best results using the 728X15 horizontal row ad. Make sure that you also backup your template on your computer before making any changes to it. Hopefully this little adsense tip will help you generate that extra bit of income from your blogs.