If you are looking to improve the way your eyebrows look you may want to find out all about eyebrow hair transplants. This is a procedure that can radically change the way your face looks. Some people who have had this work done feel as if they have had a mini face lift because of the refreshing look their new eyebrows give to the face.

The process of an eyebrow transplant can take up to a year before you see the complete results but if you have the patience you will be very happy with the outcome.

You will need to go for a consultation to get all the information about what work is involved and to be sure that you are a suitable candidate for this process.

The surgeon will need to take hair follicles from one part of your body that matches the texture of the brow. The hair can be taken from the fine strands that are found behind the ear or the hair can be taken from the upper thigh area. This has a good resemblance and will not look strange on the face.

Eyebrow hair implants mean that small incisions are made in the brow line and individual hairs are inserted. The surgeon has to be sure to place them correctly so that they grow in the right direction. If you take a close look at your own brow, you will notice that the hair goes in different directions. If the surgeon does not put the new batch in correctly, it could look unsightly.

The work is usually carried out during one session and can take a few hours to complete. depending on the extent of the area that needs to be implanted. There may be some level of discomfort that you could feel and this will depend on your pain threshold and the sensitivity of your skin. A little bruising and swelling may also occur due to the localised work on the area but this will disappear in a little while.

In some cases the hair transplant doesn't take and the hair falls out, leaving the area bald again. A surgeon may not be able to determine if this will happen to you but this can be sorted out by making another appointment and repeating the whole process again by getting a second hair graft.

As long as you are willing to wait to get the results, you are sure to be satisfied when everything is finished and the hair grows as normal. There are many reasons to get an eyebrow hair transplant and if you know that this could improve your appearance, it is definitely something to consider. Look online to compare and contrast prices and to get more details.