Our eyes are the only thing that connects us to the outside world. It is also the most expressive organ besides our hands.

Losing sight is also losing a good sense and organ and we don't want that, right?

Eye exercises:
1. Shifting.
Hold a pencil out in front of you at eye level and at arm's length. Then look to the wall in front of you by shifting your sight (not by moving your head). Repeat twenty times.
2. Focus.
Hold a pencil out in front of you at eye level and at arm's length. Focus on the pencil and move it towards your eyes then away. Repeat about twenty times.
3. Figure Eight / Infinity Symbol
Visualize a giant number eight in front of you, and turn it on it's side. Trace the figure eight with your eyes. Do it in one direction for a few minutes and then the other way for a few minutes. Your vision should be better already.
4. Adjusting to darkness and light.
Cup your eyes with your hands. Don't press on them. Make sure no light enters through your hands, relax your eyes while at the same time focus in the darkness of your hands. After a minute or two, remove your hands and let your eyes adjust to the lights. Repeat. Do this as often as you can.

*You can do this when you're in the car waiting for the red light to change, or in the elevator so you can weird out the person next to you, or sitting at your desk during break time.*

Pin hole glasses:
You can buy them (for like twenty bucks) or make them yourselves..

The making of the glasses.
Materials needed:
-Cardstock paper/magazine paper/newspaper/printer paper/paper!

Cut the card stock into a shape of large sunglasses. Then poke about fifty to a hundred holes with the needle into the "lens" of the glasses. Then wear them a few times a day. Wear them while cooking, reading a book, watching television.

DIY Pinhole Glasses

Foods for eyes:

-Drink carrot juice.
-Eat a tomato.
-Eat a carrot.
-Green vegetables.
Enhance the absorption of these foods by preparing them with olive oil.
-Goji berry tea (high in carotenoids).
-Gingko biloba can as well aid to enhance vision and blood circulation around your eyes.
-Pantothenic acid (enhance the clearness of vision). Take it when you get up from bed.
-Omega-3 supplements (enhance the detection of colors, short and far vision, and focus point)
-DHA. (enhance your visual perception, improve color perception and visual depth).

Also don't stare at light bulbs, the sun, or reflections.