Sometimes, the hardest part of any process is the learning curve. This learning curve can be especially steep in the health care realm. This can be even more challenging if you are the one making the choices and having to decide upon your overall health care. In this regard, you have to decide what you value short-term and long-term and how you plan on living the life of health you want. If you are like many proactive health advocates, part of your health care plan will be some type of body detoxification. Whether you choose to do this naturally, as with an herbal detox style, or with a more conventional supplement diet.

And, to make things even more confusing, there are the benefits and risks of each, as well as finding out exactly what the detox programs entail. For the most part, doing a detox can be fairly straight forward and easy to grasp. The whole idea is that there are any number of toxins in our environment that we are exposed to on a daily basis. In large part, your body's ability to get rid of these and other toxins will greatly affect your health in the long-term. If your body is storing and accumulating toxic substances, it is only a matter of time before you suffer some type of effects.

These effects don't necessarily have to dire or have some type of life or death connotation about them - though they may. There are have been very large increases in chronic diseases and cancer rates over the past several decades. Whether this is just incidental to the rise in the amount of chemicals used in our environments that makes its way into our foods is another topic of controversy. On the one hand, you hear that all of these substances are safe. Then, you hear about similar herbicides, pesticides and chemical agents used in decades past that are now emerging as real carcinogenic threats. The best plan is to incorporate some natural detox methods into your diet to help cleanse your body from some of these things.

What Natural or Herbal Detox Methods Can Be Used

The simplest and most effective means at detoxing your body is to begin (or expand upon) eating organically grown produce. The reason that farmers must use these agents is more of an economic reason than anything else. If there was enough demand for tomatoes that cost twice as much, then they would grow them. But, because of large chain grocer pressures, there is a constant force to make the price as low as possible. The only way to make up the losses is through volume production. This is where commercial farming got started years ago. Genetically modified foods are simply an extension of this financially driven problem.

Since you can get organic foods at most any grocer these days, you can start there. At least you will not be ingesting the toxic agents that you are trying to cleanse from while you do the rest of your body detoxification. Additionally, you should consider the amount of meat you are eating. If you consume fair amounts of meat, you may want to incorporate more fish in your diet. Common fish with less risk of mercury poison include albacore tuna and wild Alaskan salmon. If you are definitely going to eat meat, try to find 'all natural' and 'grass fed' varieties. It is also a good idea to look for non-hormone and antibiotic injected meats (animals). Remember, what is in the foods we eat is ultimately what our bodies are using to make us. Keep in mind that our bodies can do well with less animal protein, this doesn't mean you have to become a vegetarian.

The rest of your plan could consist of eating more plants and herbs that are more classic of the herbal detox programs. It should be mentioned that you can also take these as a supplement. You don't need to hunt them down in a field and cut them yourself. Also, many natural food stores will carry the detox herbs themselves, sometimes in bulk. It is important to consult with your health care practitioner to decide if using these herbs are safe for you or not. In most cases, you will be fine if you add them into your diet. Some of these herbs are: milk thistle, nettles, dandelion, burdock and green tea. These all have various properties that cleanse your gall bladder, liver and kidneys to flush away the toxic overload. Then, with more bulk organic foods in your diet, this will help to cleanse your colon as well.