increase house value

To increase house value, you might be picturing huge projects in your mind costing thousands right?

But in actual fact, you can do a lot to increase house value, for as little as $50.00 dollars! First impressions are everything when you are trying to sell your house. No matter how great your house is, if you have a falling down rusty mailbox, this is the first thing that potential buyers will see.

What you need to do, before you decide on projects to increase house value, you need to get an agent to walk your property with you. You can have the greatest spic and span interior, but you need to get those potential buyers up to the house. Many have already made their minds up before they even get to the door.

Going by my personal experience on both sides of selling and buying, it doesn't take much to turn a buyer off. No matter how open minded they are, it clouds your judgment of a house if there is a mess outside, or if the front door paint is peeling. It give the impression of "unkempt" like you just don't care.

You can have thousands in a upgraded kitchen and ultra modern bathroom, but if your mailbox is falling down, or there are weeds everywhere or your front porch is missing a step, it will not matter at all!

As a purchaser myself last year. I went to a house that was spotless inside, but on the front porch was a cast off barbeque beside the new one, and at least 10 rusting propane bottles. The owner I am sure was just so used to seeing it, they didn't think that this was a problem. Had they got a agent to walk through with them, they would have let them know the biggest problem, and they would have suggested a cleanup. One couple that was going to see the house just after us, didn't even get out of their cars, they just left.

I asked our real estate agent what one project that a home owner could do that could help increase house value. He said "paint the mailbox". I couldn't believe it, but after he told us that I took a drive around our rural area, and even the multi-million dollar houses were sporting rusting mailboxes, stuck in a pail of rocks to hold it up! Yet others had it in the ground, painted with a small planter of flower beside it. These were not new mailboxes, just refurbished to look nice, for less than $50.00 dollars and what a difference it made!

So, here is what you do:

You head to the local hardware store, and you research the paint department. There are many spray paints on the market now that will cover just about any material. If you have a metal mail box, in good shape, just a bit dirty and rusty, then clean it up, and spray with a metal primer. Don't forget to mask off the flag or any parts you don't want painted.

Once you have primed the metal with metal primer, and it has dried, then spray with the color of your choice. Stick to something neutral rather than bright orange or purple for example. Maybe try gray, black, brown, forest green.

Once you have painted the mail box, you can unmask the flag, and then see if there is anything you can decorate the area with. If you have a flower pot, then add a few annuals for color. You can recycle a planter from the re-use center, and paint it as well. You can get creative for $50.00 dollars or less. You can add your numbers with peel and stick numbers, or you can use a stencil and paint them on yourself. You can get glow in the dark paints as well.

So for the cost of a couple of spray cans of outdoor paint (primer and the color of your choice) some painters tape (for masking off the flag or other parts you don't want painted) and a few flowers at the base, or at least trimmed grass, you can increase house value. There are paints for the plastic mail boxes too!

Potential buyers will not be turned off. Remember your house is no longer yours when you put it up for sale, it is really a stage, and you have to look at every corner, and see just where you should spend your dollars. Sometimes it is not the big ticket items. If you are on a budget, and just can't be upgrading kitchens just yet, then at least clean off the surfaces, and clean the house, but better yet, take a really good long look outside.

Walk your driveway, take a look around, as if you are seeing it for the first time. Clear away the toys, trim the driveway edges (big one!) just make everything look neat and tidy, and of course paint your mailbox if you have one! The same goes for the ones attached to the house.

No point in having a rusted mailbox on the wall beside the door, if it looks horrible. This can be painted too! With all the great new paints on the market now, there is no excuse. You don't have to run out and replace everything. If your mailbox is sound and still attached to the wall then paint it! If it is half hanging off the wall, then fix it.

Little details make a huge different when you want to increase house vale.

So, you can increase house value for less than $50.00 dollars. It is amazing just what cleaning and painting can do. Here is a quick list of very cheap fix ups, that can make a huge difference in the look and presentation of your house.


holes in screens

clutter on counter

toys in the yard

driveway not edged (weeds and grass growing into driveway especially on gravel ones)

old barbeques laying around

propane tanks laying around

If you fix all of the above, your house will have a big change for very little money, mostly your labor. This would make a great investment of your time to increase house value.

I saw all of these problems in one house that was for sale. It made the house look dreary and messy, and yet it would not have taken much money to fix all of these problems.

So, before you spend all the money on the big ticket items to sell your house or to increase house value, take a look at the little details, they may just sell your house!