Human longevity has been expanding every year for roughly a century and it shows no sign of slowing any time soon. As the 20th century began advances in medicine and increases in work safety have led to a continual advancement in average life expectancy. Additionally many habits which we once thought to be safe have now been correctly identified as harmful. As these habits become less meaningful tot eh American population human longevity has continued to expand.

Now that the 21st century is well underway the limits of increasing longevity are coming into question. People who want to know how to increase longevity have to step back and really consider just how much they are willing to sacrifice to live a longer life. We know that modern medicine can help extend life and we know that maintaining healthy habits like exercising, refraining from smoking, and getting plenty of sleep can help us live a longer life but what else can we do? How else can we increase longevity naturally? And what is the limit to human longevity.

How To Increase Longevity

Obviously the best ways to increase longevity is to identify the known and time tested things which help people to live longer and healthier lives. Refraining from smoking and drinking in excess is a given in this day and age. People who follow these two rules tend to live almost a decade longer than those who don't. This is pretty much the easiest way how to live longer; it's almost too simple.

Beyond that tips and secrets for living a longer life is more theory than fact however many statisticians and scientists have been making strides in identifying longevity genes and practices which show promise in life extension. Science has long known that longevity is related to the fertility cycle. Life at its root is all about procre4ation. In countries and populations where famine has been studies researchers have found that fertility rates of women drop when food is less abundant and then return when food is plentiful. This sometimes results in women giving birth at a later stage I life and seems to correlate with living a longer life.

Similarly scientific studies have shown that calorie restriction in animals almost universally leads to an increase in longevity. This has been tested on simple organisms all the way up to large primates and in every case the average life expectancy rate of the type of animal was extended by roughly 20-50 percent.

This suggests that calorie restriction with optimal nutrition is a natural way to increase longevity and is in tune with the way nature intended our bodies to work. In essence calorie restriction puts our bodies in preservation mode. It slows our fertility rate and allows us to live longer, presumably so that we can wait until better times to procreate. In the modern world famine may not be the threat that it once was but this natural mechanism may be used to increase longevity if we choose to live our lifestyles on a low calorie diet.

Increasing Longevity Naturally

Increasing longevity through these means may be too extreme for most people however further research suggests that other more practical steps can be taken to increase longevity naturally. Studies of long lived populations tend to show that people who live active lives on a daily basis, full of walking and physical activity, tend to live longer. Also people who have active social lives and structure live longer. People who have a purpose in life as they get older almost always outlive those that feel they have no purpose.

If you want to live longer then you should take heed of these statistical correlations. Upon retirement make sure you stay active in social groups and take responsibility for something. The more needed you feel the more likely you will stay healthy and vibrant as you age. And almost as important as everything else combined, you have to stay on your feet and active. You can't just sit down in your easy chair and expect to live a healthy live into your triple digits. Increasing longevity naturally relies heavily on the physical well being of the body. Keep it tone and in use on a daily basis and you should be leaps and bounds ahead of the average person.