A healthy T cell count is an integral part of a fine tuned immune system. White blood cells are the defenders of the body and they work to attack and minimize potentially unhealthy invaders including pathogens, bacteria, and general disease. Many diseases and conditions however are identified by the precipitous drop in healthy white blood cells and T cells. Once low T cell counts get to a level that is too low your body becomes overly prone to sickness and disease. You body essentially becomes unable to fight off infection. Knowing how to increase low T cell counts is very important to you as an individual and to medical researchers seeking curers for these diseases.

Increasing Low T Cell Count

Increasing T Cell Count Can Improve Immune System FunctionWhile medical researchers seek to find new ways to systemically and significantly increase low T cell count in patients with very dangerously vulnerable immune systems there are a few things that researchers and food scientists have shown that you can do to increase T cell counts yourself naturally. None of these options will provide a large increase in healthy white T cells but combined together and in conjunction with guided medical treatment as prescribed by your physician you should be as healthy as possible and be more likely to maintain a normal T cell count.

Scientific researchers have recently shown us how to increase low T cell counts by simply making sure to add simple foods to our daily diets. Luckily these foods are quite average and easily implemented. In fact many of these foods are consumed on a normal basis anyway; the difference is few people actually consume them every day. By simply making this a habit it should help in maintaining healthier T cell levels during your treatment process and may help you live a longer healthier life.

How To Increase Low T Cell Counts With Food

There are basically two main types of foods you should be eating on a daily basis if you want to maintain the highest possible levels of healthy T cells. The first food is very easy to add and is very affordable. White mushrooms have been well noted by researchers to aid in the maturation of dendritic cells which are part of the T cell activation process. Without mature dendritic cells T cell production and activation would be sluggish. If you add these mushrooms to your meals every day studies suggest your T cell levels should be marginally higher on average.

In addition to eating mushrooms daily increasing T cell levels have been noted when patients consume plenty of selenium every day. The increase in average T cell levels in patients consuming plenty of selenium is very small but it is statistically significant. Selenium can be found in abundance in brazil nuts and can easily and affordably be found via supplements.

A food pairing diet combining mushrooms and Brazil nuts in every meal in addition to your main courses might make the routine a little easier. Of course, if you start taking selenium supplements to increase T cells you should disclose this to your doctor. He or she will likely have an opinion on the amount you take.

What is important to remember is that the science behind diseases of the immune system and increasing T cell counts is spotty and depending on your condition may not be understood very well. These ways to increase low T cell counts naturally are merely a small step in the process of treatment and should never be relied upon in lieu of your doctor's treatment program. Do what you can yourself but put your reliance in the professionals.