As a professional trainer myself, I know that it's difficult to come up with methods to enhance personal training income. I'll provide you with 1 quite easy and highly effective way to add additional profit to your personal training income. It took me many years to come up with this strategy, and I wish I had started doing it earlier.


First of all, I'd just like to congratulate you on trying to find methods to build more money as being a professional trainer. I believe that our responsibility is important; we aid individuals to get in shape, feel better, and live longer. The drawback of our profession is known to be the low pay as well as the inconsistent pay schedule. I myself worked as a trainer at a resort, so I truly felt the ups and downs in the busy in-season, as well as the empty lows of the off-season.


The benefit of this personal training marketing strategy that I am going to tell you about is that it's going to bring steady cash throughout the year and it will supplement your personal trainer income.


I'm sure that as a trainer that you have always been asked about or suggested supplements or vitamins to your clients. I found myself always recommending protein powder for aspiring muscle builder clients. I also suggested Omega-3 fish oil, daily multi-vitamin, Vitamin C, calcium, and also a few other healthy supplements. I'm truly more into the natural system of working out, but I do understand the obvious advantages of a few excellent supplements and vitamins and I am going to gladly recommend them to my clients. After all, I know the benefits first hand mainly because I take these supplements myself.


I would normally buy my supplements at GNC or one other local health store. But one day, a co-worker advised to me. It was the first time I had heard of it, so I was a bit surprised by all the health products they offer online. My friend gave me a $5 off coupon code, plus shipping was free of charge for orders over $40 so I ordered some of my usual whey protein isolate to try out their service.


Long story short, the protein order came earlier than expected and everything went well. I also noticed that since I used my friend's coupon code, I also received a $5 off coupon code of my unique to pass onto my friends. The iHerb web site tells you that if anybody orders and uses your coupon code, then you get a 4% commission from their purchase. I had heard of similar affiliate programs like this, but I didn't think that much of it at the time.


In the following days when the topic of supplements or protein powder came up in conversation, I found myself telling others about iHerb and my coupon code. Sure enough, the next time I checked my iHerb account, I had received income for the purchases that were made with my coupon code ($2.16, $1.22, $4.34, etc.) I was really excited. I could use this cash on my next purchase or just keep accumulating it and receive a payment by check.


This gave me the idea to print my iHerb coupon code on the back of my personal trainer business card. I usually give out my cards, so it's very good exposure, plus people really seem to like getting some type of freebie or coupon. (It gives them another reason why to hang onto your business card. So even if they didn't turn out to be my client, I discovered that several folks would nonetheless still make purchases with my coupon code.


After a few months of getting consistent commissions, I also noticed that a few of the those people who used my coupon code also received their own coupon codes and gave them out to friends. This can be very beneficial for me mainly because I get a 4% commission from the individual I referred and also a 3% commission from the individual they referred. There are a total of four tiers, so you'll be able to receive payments for up to 4 generations of referrals (4%, 3%, 2%, 1%.) So you can see that your income starts adding up quickly and you continue to earn more money every time somebody makes a repeat purchase, even without using your coupon code. Perhaps I'm getting too far ahead of myself, but I just wanted to show you that this program works and it's pretty easy and fun to start doing on your own. The plan is simple: just order a product with a code, get your own code and give out your code to others.


At the time of writing this article, I make over $100 a month and it is steadily approaching $200 each month. If this tip seems exciting to you and you need to earn some extra money along with your current personal training pay, then I'd be glad to share with you how I did it.


1. In case you have a friend that uses iHerb, ask them for their coupon code. Or you'll be able to use this code: Ahi214 (If you choose to use this code, I'll make a commission from the purchase. Thank you, I appreciate it!)


2. Order a product from and use the coupon code. Prior to checking out, you may also add a free item to your order. Click on "Free Products" (at the top center of the screen. With every order, you can add a free sample product.


3. Finish your order and you'll receive a message with your coupon code.


4. Tell others about iHerb and your coupon code.


5. Print or write your coupon code on the back of your personal training business card. Or hand out print-ready coupons provided by


To print your coupon on the back of your card, go to and sign in. Click on "Promoting Tips." Scroll down and you'll see various sized coupons that you can print with your very own code. Like I said, you can just print and hand out these coupons or instead you can just write on the back of your business card

“Save $5 at with coupon code: XXX123.”


Lastly, you can also choose to copy the coupon image and have it printed on the back of your business card.

I print my business cards online using VistaPrint. I just input my business card data and upload my coupon code image to print on the back of the card. The cards are very affordable and the quality is good.

6. The same "Promoting Tips" section also gives many other ideas to promote your coupon code. I've found that word of mouth as well as the business card tip work the best for me.

I get really excited to wake up every morning and see new income added to my iHerb account. I also saw that many other customers are earning more than $1000 a month from this same method. I don’t make that much yet, but if I keep going at this same rate, I will be there in one year!

In closing, I hope you have enjoyed this easy and fun tip to improve your personal training profits. As personal trainers, let’s be sure to stay true to our clients by recommending great products and solutions that we personally know about or use ourselves.

If you have any questions about how to do the above steps, I'd be glad to help you. Just contact me via my blog listed in my signature box towards the top right of the page.

Have a very good day. Happy training and profits!

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