More and more people are looking at ways on how to increase their vertical jump. Especially people who are trying to improve their basketball game, were high jumping is essential for easy slam dunking and spiking. Did you know with the right training program and techniques it is possible to increase your vertical jump by at least 10 inches, even if you are not the tallest person.

Most of the top basketball players in the world today spend quite a lot of time on vertical jumping exercises alone, but there are very few competitors in the lower leagues who commit a lot of time to it. This is were with a bit of commitment on your part, you can start training and be out jumping your peers in no time at all. Like anything in life though, these extra jump inches will not come overnight. You need to build up the muscles required which are going to allow you to jump higher. Some people are genetically built to jump high, but this doesn't mean that less genetically gifted people. Do not have the ability to add inches to their jumps.

How to increase your vertical jump all depends on you, your commitment and completing the correct exercises. One of the best ways to get started is with weight training. The exercises you need to be doing are exercises such as leg presses, toes raises, lunges and squats. If you are already lifting weights and doing these exercises, you will know that they leg exercises hurt. Well get ready to increase that pain a bit more because, you need to lower your repetitions to around 4 to 6 reps and start training heavy. Please remember though, to always warm up your leg muscles before you even begin to start training heavy. By doing this you will reduce the risk of injury, which is not only painful but will put you out of the game for several weeks even months. This is something you definitely don't want to be doing, do you.

By lifting heavy weights and doing these exercises you are going to increase the strength and power in your legs, which is going to dramatically improve the height of your vertical jumps. Leg strength is one of the main components for jumping high, but it doesn't matter how strong your legs are if you haven't got speed. So you need to work on how quick you can use these bigger and stronger leg muscles.

A good way to increase your speed is by doing exercises with lighter weights as well. A good exercise is the jumping squat, the best way to do this exercise is with around 30 to 40% of the maximum weight you can lift on an Olympic barbell. Another good exercise for increasing your speed is clean and jerk.

Another popular form of exercise on how to increase vertical jump is Plyometric training. This type of training is one of the most common used by athletes today. Plyometric training has really taken off in recent years and because of this there is an endless amount of information on the Internet that will tell you everything you need to know about using this in your vertical jump training program.

The bottom line is to increase your vertical jump you need to get faster and stronger, and not just in your legs. Did you know that your arms are used as well when you are jumping. So it's very important that you also try to build up your arm strength as well. The biggest factor for adding those extra inches to your vertical jump is you and now much you want it. Put in the time exercising, gain the knowledge to what works and what doesn't and you will jump higher. Remember as well to give your body time to recover in between workouts and eat an healthy and balanced diet rich in complex carbs, protein and healthy fats.