If you are an athlete, then no matter what your sport is, you have to be able to move fast and explosively. Most sports like football, basketball, track and field, soccer and others require athletes to be able to move quickly and efficiently. The ability to move and move fast is a important skill any athlete wishing to be successful must possess. Learn how to improve this area of your game below.

1. When you are in the weight room lifting weights, it is essential to train not only for strength and power, but that you also train to move. This means being an explosive lifter and moving as much weight as you can as fast as possible but under control. You are not a power lifter or a bodybuilder, so therefore you shouldn't train like one. You should train like an athlete and train to move in the weight room. Make it a point to move the weight as fast as possible but under control when you are lifting. Also, it is also a good idea to work on your flexibility or other athletic related movements in between sets of an exercise to help take your gains you made in the weight room onto your respectful playing field.

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2. If you want to be very agile and athletic, then it is a must that you train your core muscles on a constant basis. Your core muscles are composed of your hip flexors, lower back, and abdominal muscles. These muscles have to be powerful, flexible, and very explosive in order for you to possess great athletic movement. The best exercises to train your core are weighted ab exercises. Other exercises to perform to strengthen your core, are back hyperextensions and pull ups, which engage the entire core. All athletic related movement begins with the core. Train your core the most out of any muscle group, and you will reap the most benefits of doing this out on the playing field. For more on exercises to perform, visit www.stack.com.

3. Plyometrics are a staple that must be included in ary training program if you wish to greatly improve your athletic movement and mobility. Plyometrics will make your body more powerful and increase the amount of force your body can produce thus helping you move faster and become more agile in sports. The most important plyometrics to perform are those that target your leg muscles, specifically your quadricep and hamstring muscles. These muscles have the most quick twitch muscle fibers available for useand are the most powerful muscles in the lower body along with your hips.

4. Agility training is another form of training that will greatly improve your athletic movement and mobility. Performing cone drills and other drills that require you to change direction quickly or require you to sink your hips and move fast will develop tremendous quickness and athletic ability. A great drill that you should research is the 5-10-5 drill. This drill is one of the best agility drills at developing quickness and change of direction, which are essential for sports.

5. Make sure you are performing movements and drills that are related to your sport. For example, a running back in football should perform cutting drills and cone drills on a daily basis to work on his ability to dodge defenders and make better cuts. The more you perform sports related movements, the better you will be able to perform in your sport and move more athletically. You will be become more efficient at the movements required for your sport and position which will make you a better player.

In conclusion, it will not be easy to improve your athletic movement and mobility, but with hard work and dedication you can and will become a more athletic athlete! Good luck!