Most glasses wearers are introduced to wearing glasses as they mature. Reasons for vision loss vary from development problems to eye diseases. Those who are new to wearing glasses often experience some level of reduced self confidence. In this article we will explain how to overcome and improve your self confidence.

1. Adjust your state of mind - Wearing glasses is meant to improve your quality of life. Bear in mind at all times the benefits that vision correction brings you, and place these benefits on top of any other consideration.

2. Choose glasses that compliment your looks - We each suit some type of frames better than others because of our varied face shape. Try various designers, various colours and various shapes before deciding on frames. You will find it useful to ask the feedback of those close to you on whether a frame suits you or not.

3. Relax the style - If you are concerned about attracting too much attention, consider entering your way into the glasses world in a nonchalance manner. Choose a style which is less bold and less conspicuous.

4. Get used to the feel first - Before wearing your glasses in public, try to wear them privately at home or with close friends or family. Get used to the feel of the frame resting on your face and ask someone to take a photo of you wearing the glasses so you know how you look in them.

5. Appear confident - Demonstrating signs of confidence will help project that you are confidence and at ease with your glasses. Avoid signs of shyness such as ducking around, sitting well back or avoiding eye contact. Refrain from showing signs of anxiety such as touching your glasses at all the time or intense eye expressions.

6. Keep discreet - There’s no reason to announce to the world that you require glasses. Before you meet people, consider arriving already wearing your glasses and you will appear discreet and upbeat.

Wearing prescription glasses or prescription sunglasses is very common in all age groups. Vision correction aids have the means to help you overcome vision loss and this fact should always be set at the back of your mind.