Natural Fix For Energy

If there was a product for an instant fix for energy, everyone would buy it. No one would question if it’s healthy until we start noticing something strange or if we actually read the labels. We do have an instant fix available but it’s not the best option out there.

Its energy drinks, caffeinated pills and all these synthetic products that all have offer great energy. Though what comes up must come down and it’s never at a steady pace.

Our hearts are beating 10 times faster than ever and the sugar content is sometimes so high that you wonder if the energy is from caffeine or the sugar. It comes from both but what comes up quickly, must come down even quicker.


Before you reach for another product that claims to give you energy and mental clarity, shouldn’t you consider the side effects? Most of us don’t pay attention to this because we really just want to have what we want, no matter the consequences.

You might have heard many stories of people having heart attacks from highly caffeinated drinks. Many would ignore this warning because they may be old or has a pre-existing heart condition. It does in fact happen to young people and it can happen to anyone. The more caffeine you take, the more likely you’ll put yourself at risk for a heart attack.;ll

Caffeine is highly addictive and so are the other quick fixes that you may find. Stimulants take a toll on our health for the long-term and you may do more damage than you think.

As you consume stimulants, your adrenaline will be higher than normal which will put you in a stressful situation no matter what you’re doing.

Caffeine intake:

Control your intake; you don’t have to increase your dosage to get the same effect as you before have. In fact, you should take a break from caffeine, perhaps slowly cut down day by day until you’re down to consuming zero caffeine or at least at a very limited amount. When you take a break, your body will slowly decrease tolerance and you’ll achieve a better effect of it. Caffeine is useful for when you are trying to enhance your performance.

According to a study after a certain amount of time of high caffeine intake, your performance will slowly decrease. This usually occurs after 4-8 weeks of consuming caffeine. Take a week or two off to reset this effect and to take better advantage of the benefits that it has to offer it.
Ways to instantly increase energy:

Take a cold shower:


Cold showers not only start-up your metabolism by at least 2%, which by the way is a big number, but it also wakes you up. Have you ever been in the middle of a hot shower and suddenly it turns hot and you wonder who flushed the toilet this time? Forget who did it but it's a shock when the cold water hits you.

It's like ice being shoved down your shirt. Instead of the blood flowing to your skin when you shower in hot water, but with cold water your blood goes inside to your organs and insides. After taking a cold shower you'll actually feel warm and energized. It's your body's way of fighting off the temperature it was being given.


You don't have to go to the gym for this one, you can do this in your own block. Go outside, get some fresh air and walk around the block for at least 5 minutes. I guarantee you'll have more energy than before.



Yoga is a powerful exercise used for increasing health and energy. When you are tired, you'll notice your breathing isn't as deep as it should be. Fix your posture and take a few deep breaths and exhale slowly. Try different speeds of breath to experiment which gives the most energy and is most comfortable for you to use.


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Get Your Natural Energy Today!

For the best results, design a plan. Adjust your diet so you’re able to have more energy later on. Switch from simple carbohydrates (white sugar) to complex (oatmeal, brown bread). This helps sustain your energy at a steady pace.

You’re more than likely going to need energy all day and not just for a short period. The crash followed by energy drinks isn’t worth it. If you crash, you’ll do half of what you can usually do. It’s better to keep your energy at a steady pace.  

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