Improving your flexibility can have many benefits on your day to day life. In addition to reducing pain you may experience, it will help relieve stiff and achy muscles, and help prevent injuries from falls and accidents. Read on to learn how to develop a stretching program that will have you seeing improvements in your flexibility in no time.

To improve your flexibility, you have to stretch everyday, plain and simple. You won't see any gains in flexibility by just stretching every other week.  As with most things in life, improvements in your flexibility do not happen overnight. You have to work hard at improving your flexibility and consistently focus on improving your flexibility on a daily basis.

 Make it a point to stretch each muscle group for at least 2 sets of 30-60 seconds everyday in order to improve your flexibility. Most people have very tight muscles and therefore may need to hold their stretches longer or work on your flexibility more often. When you are stretching, be sure to work into the stretch until you feel a slight pain and pull of your muscle. Hold for 60 seconds until you feel the muscle lengthen out and start to relax. This will over time, lengthen your muscle fascia and make your muscles more elastic and flexible. You can get deeper into the stretch by contracting the opposite muscle group of the muscle you are stretching. This will allow you to go deeper into the stretch. For example, if you are stretching your hamstrings, then contract your quadriceps to get a deeper stretch.

You will get a much better stretch if you are warmed up before you stretch. It helps you relax your muscles and get a deeper stretch which will promote better flexibility. The best way to warm up is by running on the tread mill or by sitting in a hot tub for a few minutes. After completing a thorough warm up, stretch your muscles out. You will notice that you can get deeper into your stretch with more ease.

Try using a foam roller or a muscle massager. You will stretch your muscles out much more effectively and improve flexibility dramatically. Using a foam roller or similiar device will help you get deeper into your stretches as well and improve your flexibility even faster. The way these devices work is by reducing muscle tension and working out the knots that build up in your muscles from training, injury, or lack of stretching. I have had great success using a product called The Stick. It is used by many major college athletic programs, professional athletes, and many other athletes and people looking to increase flexibility and reduce body pain. You can look at The Stick at their webpage at

Dynamic stretching is a type of stretching that is used by athletes to improve flexibility and improve the neurological connection between the brain and the muscle groups. You can use this type of stretching to improve your flexibility. You should also make sure you are warmed up as this type of flexibility can be strenuous on your body and can possibly cause a muscle tear or pull. For instructional videos and step by step articles on how to do dymanic stretching, visit, a trusted website for athletes.

In conclusion, with a consistent flexibility training program and being dedicated to improving your flexibility, you can see results in as little as 2 weeks. Good Luck!