Did you know that hours and hours sitting at a desk is detrimental to your health? A lot of us would appreciate growing taller an gaining an extra couple of inches in height, but by working in a desk job we are forcing bad curvature of the spin, weaker muscles and poor posture. This in turn makes us more prone for injures and most probably a couple of inches shorter.

Throughout most of human history humans have not been sitting down. They would stand, jump, crouch or squat but the act of sitting would have been very uncommon. People would squat down to eat, squat to do the other thing after you've eaten and lie down in a reclined position at the end of the day to relax and chat with others.

These days we sit to work, sit to eat, sit in the toilet and sit to relax. Is it any wonder we get injured so easily later in life? More and more research is pointing to the advantages of avoiding sitting as much as possible. One of the most intriguing advantages is that of increasing your height by a couple of inches due to stronger muscles and a much improved posture.

Things You Will Need

Increasing our height by a couple of inches sounds great, but what's the answer? Quitting our jobs and getting a new job where we stand for most of the day? Well that could work, but the easiest thing to do, is make your own standing desk.

One option is to hit your boss up for a purpose-made office standing desk - hey, it's worth a try! For those of us who aren't able to convince the boss, it is actually very simply to create an office environment which encourages you to stand.

Cheap option: Get a large cardboard box (or maybe two) and use it to raise the height of your monitor, keyboard and mouse. It does the trick, and if you boss gets annoyed at it he might in turn go ahead and get the purpose-made standing desk you asked for!

Less-tacky option: Got to your local budget furniture shop and buy a small coffee table - this will simply raise the working area of your desk and allow you to stand

A standing desk at an 8 hour day job will be hard to handle at first. You'll need to take lots of breaks as your muscles/joints won't be used to all that standing. Over time though you'll get used to it, and will probably be able to last 8 hours with breaks every 2 hours.

Tips & Warnings

Keep your monitor high enough so that you're looking directly at it. If you have to tilt your head down you'll be doing your neck a disfavor.