Its important when training to add muscle mass that you have a specific plan. There are specific tips that can dramatically improve how effective your training program is and help you add solid muscle mass to your frame. These are timeless tips that numerous bodybuilders and athletes have and still do incorporate into their weight training program. Read on to learn tips that will give you the results you want!

1. When weight training, its important to focus on heavy, compound, basic movements that work the larger muscle groups. The largest muscle groups in your body are your leg and back muscles. Therefore, it makes sense to make the bread and butter of your weight training program, exercises that target these muscle groups. The best exercises for increasing power and adding slabs of muscle to these groups are staples like the barbell squat, pull ups, lunges, barbell rows, deadlifts, lat pulldowns, and leg presses. These exercises are guaranteed to target the muscle growth you desire and shoot your strength through the roof.

2. Another important aspect to incorporate into training is constantly increasing the rep range or the amount of weight lifted on all of the exercises you perform. This will challenge your muscles and allow you to really pile on muscle mass. Focus on moving the weight explosively but at the same time under control during each repetition. If you can find a way to either increase how much weight you can lift or how many times you can lift your max on various exercises then you will increase your muscle mass quickly.

3. Variety in training is also a great way to trick your muscles into growing. The human body is a very smart machine. Your body will quickly get used to the same workout being performed over and over. Thats why its important to change up your training routine often. For example, incorporate all heavy weight training for one week and then cycle off to lighter training the next week or instead of performing your exercises in the same order every workout, opt to switch it up and do your easiest exercises first and your hardest exercises last. Incorporating examples like these will trick your muscles and confuse them which will cause immense muscle growth and strength gains.

4. Finally, rest and rejuvination are key. Your muscles can't possibly grow if you are in the weight room everyday. You must rest. In fact, your muscles grow the most in strength and size when you are resting. If you feel burned out from training then it may be a good idea to take a break altogether from training. When you come back, don't be suprised if you feel refreshed and notice a increase in strength and muscle size. Rest is your best friend when it comes to weight training. Use supplements like Omega-3 fatty acids, fish oil, and glutamine to help your muscles recover faster in between workouts which will help you perform better in the weight room thus increasing muscle size and strength.

In conclusion, these are a few timeless tips that any bodybuilder, avid weight lifter, or athlete should include in their training program if they are trying to increase their muscle mass and strength. Utilize these tips and watch your muscle size shoot up through the roof. Good Luck!