Installing a full home security system can be expensive, but there are a few things you can do to better protect your home without a large amount of cash or equipment. The following tips can be used to inexpensively protect your home.

Things You Will Need

deadbolt locks

hedge trimmers


home security system sign & stickers

Step 1

Make sure your property is well lit.

This can be a crucial step to deterring criminals. Check for burnt light bulbs both on the interior and exterior of your house and garage. Make sure the exterior of your property is very well lit at night, and install automatic floodlights in those areas that are lacking adequate lighting. The primary reason for installing exterior lighting is that thieves look for places that are dimly lit because it decrease the chance that they might be caught.

Step 2

Trim any bushes & shrubs around your home's exterior.

Trimming trees and bushes around your home ensures that there is no place for a criminal to hide from sight when approaching your home. Just as thieves target properties that are dimly lit, they also target places that provide extra cover from being seen. Tall or overgrown bushes and shrubs can give burglars a place to hide from neighbors or passersby that may catch them.

Step 3

Install quality deadbolt locks.

It is estimated that 34% of burglars entered a property through a home's front door. Installing quality deadbolt locks is important since a criminal can simply pick a door lock with common tools, such as a credit card or screwdriver. It is much harder to pick a deadbolt lock than a standard door lock, and installing these locks can be a great way to protect your home and family.

Step 4

Put a home security system sign in your front yard.

Even if you don't actually have an alarm system, placing a security system sign in your yard will project the image that your house is thoroughly protected against theft. Potential burglars want an easy entry & exit from your home. When they sense that they have a greater probability of being caught, they will likely try to find another home to target. A sign in your yard will make them second guess breaking into your home because they have no way of knowing whether you actually have an alarm or not.

Step 5

Put security system stickers in your windows.

Along the same lines as using a home security sign, burglars are not as likely to focus on a property that they believe is properly protected, however, if they enter the premises from the rear they could avoid seeing the signs. Putting alarm system stickers or decals on your windows, along with signs in your yard, will ensure that anyone thinking of breaking in will be aware that you have an alarm system.

Making sure that your family and home are protected should be a high priority, but it can also turn into a big expense. Using an inexpensive home security product or two can make you feel more secure and give you greater peace of mind that you've added these security measures.

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