If you love the idea of getting home after a hard days work and going outside with the kids to throw a few hoops then getting a basketball hoop installed is probably a great idea. There are few things more enjoyable than getting together and having some fun outdoors with the whole family. If you do install a basketball hoop then you and your family can benefit from just such an activity.

But if you want to go about installing a basketball hoop then you need some help. You will probably need some assistance and have a few important tools to hand at the appropriate moment. You can consider buying a portable basketball hoop, but to be honest the quality is really not good enough to take the continuous bounce of the basketball and it is much better to consider wall mounted or inground basketball hoops in preference.

The first thing to consider is exactly where you should consider placing your new basketball hoop. One of the most popular placements for a new hoop is to secure it over the garage doors. This is usually relatively easily done and the surface upon which it is mounted is usually strong enough to take the weight. The other helpful factor is that in this position it is automatically out of the way and so you needn't spend any time worrying about tidying up each time you use it. It may however, mean that the garage door takes a bit of a pounding and you need to make sure you choose between asthetics and convenience.

If you do not have a suitable garage then you can install a basketball hoop anywhere that is free from any obstructions and where there is space for dribbling the ball and tackling. Ideally the surface of the ground should be hard as the ball needs to readily bounce. If you have no choice then grass underfoot can work but it is likely to provide less bounce and potentially get very warn, threadbare and when it rains, muddy.

Finally you should consider what the environment is like around the area where you are thinking of installing your basketball hoop. This effectively means that you should check where the flight of the ball is likely to occur to ensure there are no obstacles that could be damaged or for instance which might be power lines which are just outright dangerous.

When you actually get around to putting the basketball hoop into place then you should make sure that you have a helper available and if possible a third person just in case. Do not think you can manage alone as this is extremely unlikely to be the case. The reason for needing an assistant is that basketball hoop is actually quite heavy and so you really need to have one person holding it into position whilst the other secures it into place. If you do have a third person available then I suggest you get them to help hold the hoop. In addition you really should have a good power screwdriver to hand as hand screwing is unlikely to be the best, or quickest way to get the basketball hoop into place.

The holes you will be screwing into should have been measured and pre-drilled before you lift the hoop into place so that you are not trying to do too many tricky tasks at once. This should not present a problem as when you buy basketball hoops you will normally get detailed fitting instructions and the necessary hardware provided too.

If everything goes to plan then the whole installation process should take between one and two hours and indeed it is quite likely that before you know it you will be out there shooting hoops and having a great time.