There are several different reason that a person might think about installing a GPS tracking device in their car. A person might be a business owner and they want to improve the efficiency of their dispatching or provide some incentives to increase driver output. Others might want to make sure that their teen driver is following the family rules when using the family vehicle. Still other might want to covertly track a spouse or lover that they suspect of cheating. The list goes on.

Whatever your reason for wanting to install a GPS tracking device in your car is, the method of instaling the tracker is pretty much going to be the same depending on what type of device you purchase.

In all, there are three types of GPS trackers for cars:

  1. Hardwired Real-Time Tracking Devices
  2. Free Real-Time Tracking Devices
  3. Free Data Logging Devices

Things You Will Need

Before being able to install your device you are first going to need to actually go out and purchase one. I recommend that you spend plenty of time doing research on different manufacturers and devices before buying one. Also, be sure to consider the role that you want your tracker to play into your life as this should influence what class of tracker you want to buy as well as what installation features you want as well.

Step 1

If you go the hardwired route you are pretty much going to need a professional to do it, or, at the very least, you are going to need to get them to counsel you on how to install your tracker. Each device is a little different in where it should be installed and what cords and cables should be sent into it. This is because each model has a little different functionality - ranging from being able to remotely unlock doors to being able to provide turn-by-turn directions to drivers based upon a routers instructions.

These are generally very high end GPS tracking devices and are most commonly used in fleet tracking and management functions.

Step 2

Both of the free tracking devices are pretty much going to be installed in a car the same way depending on the job that you want it to do. For those interested in having their tracker secretly gather information on a spouse or teen then you will want to install the device covertly. Probably the best place to do this is inside one of the wheel wells of the vehicle, preferably the back passenger side wheel well. This is an ideal location because it is the least trafficked area of the car and therefore it might escape detection for longer.

In order to install a device here you will need a magnet to attach the GPS tracking device to your car. Some devices are going to come with a magnetized carrying case that will make this installation very easy.

If you don't car about secrecy, then you can place the device almost anywhere inside the cab of the vehicle.
Installation of GPS tracking devices is easy if you have read your manual or discussed it with your manufacturer. All you are going to need are the things that they provide with your GPS tracker.

Tips & Warnings

  • When tracking teens, it is probably best to let them know what you are doing. This will ensure that you won't loose ground when you have to confront them about their bad driving habits.
  • Real-time tracking devices are generally more expensive than data loggers, so be sure that you are really going to need real-time tracking before buying one of these more expensive units.