When it is time to have a fence installed in a yard, most people are looking for something affordable that looks great and does not require a lot of maintenance. PVC is a material that has all those characteristics in addition to being weatherproof and weighing a lot less than other types of fencing materials. PVC fence will not rust like metal or rot like wood. Installation can easily be handled by just a couple of people and you can choose from several different styles available including PVC picket fence and PVC vinyl fence.

The first thing you will do is determine where the fence will be installed and sink the stakes down in the earth. You need to check to make sure that more than one-third of the support stake is secured firmly in the soil. Take a clothesline and tie it firmly to each successive stake along the length of what will be your fence and keep going until every stake has been placed correctly. AtPVC Fence the corners, the string should bend sharply and form a right angle. The final posted should be sunk precisely where the fence should end. You want the rails to fit properly, so measure the space between stakes. Do not rely on your eyesight alone. Using a tape measure is the only way to get the measurements precisely right.

Once the stakes are installed, fill each hole partially with gravel. Leave room for drainage or you will end up with holes that get waterlogged. Now it is time to mix the concrete or cement and fill the holes at the base of the stakes. Check the manufacturer's instructions for the correct amount of water. Mix the concrete in a wheelbarrow with a garden hoe. You must take special care not to spill the concrete elsewhere in your garden. When the concrete is thick enough, fill the holes so that it fills the gravel. Finally, use the hoe to press the surface down flat. This process can be repeated until the holes are all filled.

Verify that your posts are as secure and sturdy as they can be and begin screwing the PVC fence panels to the rails. This is where you will find out if your measurements are correct. If you have done your work carefully, the panels will fit without any problem and this step of the procedure should not take any longer than one hour to complete. When the panels are all in place, step back a bit and check to see that the fence follows a straight line.