Step-by-step Guide Putting Interior Barn Door Track System Together

Interior sliding barn doors can be a nice addition to any home. Not only do they look impressive but also can give a bit of privacy in your home. If you are short on money (and who isn't?) then chances are that you don't want to hire a professional to install it. If you are a Do It Yourself Guy then read on!

1. Collect The Necessary Tools

You might find this funny but it is in fact essential. There is no more annoying thing than finding yourself in a twisted position trying to hold the heavy door and realizing that you actually need another screwdriver. Tools mean the following: measuring tapes, screwdrivers, rail brackets, hammers, barn door hinges, screws and all the hardware parts that the barn door was shipped. Additionally you might also need hanger rollers, bottom rollers, guides for the rollers, lag bolts, track joint brackets, socket wrench, etc. Read through the manual and prepare in advance - this is how a proper work is done.

2. Installing The Mounting Board

First thing first you need to attach the sliding door track to the wall properly - keep in mind that it has to support the whole door therefore the frame system has to be very stable. Cut a mounting board the same length as the track but make it a bit wider. This will be the base that you need to attach to the wall - use big enough screws to do so (alternatively you can also use drywall anchors or lag bolts).

3. Assembling The Flat Track

Look up the manual and use the join brackets accordingly. Now you need to shorten the tracks to the needed length. Cut it to the right size and leave some extra space for the door to open.

4. Flat Track Preparation

Measure the correct distances where the tracks will be attached to the wall and create the holes with a drill. Use a pencil to indicate the spots where you need to make the holes. Before you start drilling put some lubricant liquid on the tip of the drill to keep it cool and safe.

5. Putting It Up On The Wall

Almost ready but here is the tricky part: you need to attach the internal barn door track system to the wall. Lag bolts can do the trick. A word of warning: you need someone to look at the whole system from the distance so you can adjust the height and the system will be level. If you don't do this properly then you'll end up with a door that cannot be opened (not handy).

6. Installing The Barn Door On The Wall

Use the hanger rollers to attach the door to the frame. Don't spare the socket wrench to tighten the system properly. Right after that have your strongest friend grab the door and attach the bottom rollers to the bottom guide. Adjust the door on the track yourself. Do a few opening-closing to see if it's working fine.