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Not knowing how you could be able to set up those doors right at your home? Worry no more because you can definitely be able to learn how to install the exterior French doors in your very own home without having to deal with much of the extra costs in hiring professional carpenters and builders just to do the simple task for you. This can definitely be easily learned and understood if you would only see to it that you follow the instructions very well.

Looking Into French Doors

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First of all, you must be able to look into French doors. French doors can actually be considered as one of the most common material for every home. They may come in different styles and brands which means they can also differ when it comes to their installation. You should not worry that much when it comes to it because every purchase of your French door definitely comes with specific manufacturer’s instructions that can definitely guide you in being able to set up the material right in your own home.

As what have been previously stated, there are actually different types of French doors and you must be able to properly understand each of them because their structure can affect how they are supposed to be assembled or placed in your own home.

The Types Of Exterior French Doors For Your Home

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First of all, there are sliding French doors which can vary when it comes to the amount of panel that they have. There are sliding exterior French doors that can have two, three and even four panels built within them. These different panels are usually arranged or packaged separately once bought which is why you really have to assemble them one by one right at your very own home. These sliding French doors can even vary when it comes to their frame material because there can be wood, aluminum or even vinyl types of frame for the sliding windows. Wood is considered to be the most favorable material for the frame because it can be very aesthetic aside from the fact that they can also be very durable as long as you know how to properly maintain it.

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There are also known as the swinging patio doors which can actually be made of two or even three panels and like the sliding French doors, they can also be made of different materials like wood, vinyl and even aluminum. They can also vary when it comes to the installation process as compared to that of the sliding French doors.

The Steps Involved In Installing Your French Doors

When it comes to dealing with how to install the exterior French doors, you must be able to understand that there are several steps that you have to consider and you must be able to follow them very well so that you can securely place your exterior French doors right in your home.
First of all, in dealing with how to install the exterior French doors, you must be able to first measure the doors in your house where you plan to place your French door so that you can be accurate when it comes to the size of the door that you would want to buy. You should make sure that the French door that you will buy will be as close as possible to the measurements that you just took from your house’s door. After getting the necessary measurements, you can now rush to the nearest home supplies and furniture store so that you could be able to search for the perfect French door for your home.

After purchasing the right French door, you can already start dealing with how to install the exterior French doors by unpacking your purchased door. You must remember that the type of door that you will purchase should definitely be something that can be very durable as well as something that can definitely fit the look and style of your home. While unpacking, you should see to it that you remove the protective materials that might still be attached on your exterior French doors. There can be boards and even support materials like foams that can come with your purchased French door thus you should remember that they should be remove first and you must keep the door in its usual position before you completely start the installation.

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After such, you can now arrange the frame of your door or you can now start to remove your old door for the French door replacement. You should be careful when dealing with the rough opening of your door. You should strictly follow what the user manual or instruction tells about the rough opening. Usually the rough opening is about one and a half inch.

When you are done preparing the area so you can start with the actual dealing of how to install the exterior French doors, you can already begin sliding the unit in the lowest part. While doing this, you have to make sure that the opening remains to be in the center. After that, you can use nails on the jamb to have you temporary support for the door. It does not necessarily mean that you have to hammer the nails till the edge. You just have to anchor them at the unit as a means of your support.  After that, you can already start to deal with how to install the exterior French door in your home.

You should make sure that the door will definitely be positioned properly on your door frame. It must be at level with you frame and you should also be able to make sure that there are equal spaces from the top to the bottom of your jams up to the head part of the frame of your door. If you notice that the spaces are not equal, you can already start using shims to make the spaces equal. This can definitely ensure the stability of your wall as you set it up on your door frame.

Making It Easy

If you are already sure with the position, you can already start nailing the unit permanently on the jams. You should make sure that you are able to secure the nails in position so that you can definitely make your door last a longer time as much as possible. After that, you can already add more protective material to your door by adding weather proof to it. Then, you just have to make a final check for all of your nails in position and if possible, support them with more nails for you to be able to keep them in position all throughout regardless of wear and tear. These simple instructions simply go to show that you can definitely learn how to install the exterior French doors on your own without having to ask for assistance from professional carpenters and builders.