Ceiling-medallions compliment the decor of a room and add visual interest to your ceiling. Ceiling-medallions come in a wide variety of styles, shapes and themes to fit any decor. Manufacturers make ceiling-medallions in lightweight resins or plastic for easy installation by do it yourself homeowners. In the past, manufacturers cast ceiling-medallions from plaster, which were heavy and difficult to hang and not something many people could successfully hang on their own. Typically, homeowners hang ceiling-medallions in the center of the room, but they can hang anywhere you desire. ceiling-medallions are available as ornate  artistic sculptures or plain raised shapes allowing decorators to match any decor or theme in the home.

You will need:



Low-tack painter's masking tape


100-grit sandpaper

Construction adhesive

 Marking ceiling-medallion Placement

Use a stepladder to access the upper reaches of the room beginning in a corner.

Place the end of a long piece of string in the corner of the room and tape it to the ceiling with low-tack painter's masking tape. Run the string to the opposite corner, cut the string with scissors and tape it in place. Move to a corner without string, tape the end of a new piece of string onto the ceiling and run the string along  to the opposite corner, cut the string and tape in place. The point at which the strings intersect or cross over each other is the center of the ceiling.

Mark the ceiling where the strings intersect with a pencil. Remove the strings and tape from the ceiling.

Installing the ceiling-medallion

Place it over the pencil mark lining up the center of it with the pencil mark. Lightly trace around the edge of it with a pencil leaving a guideline on the ceiling.

Sand your ceiling lightly, inside the guideline with 100-grit sandpaper to roughen the surface. Sand the back of the ceiling-medallion with 100-grit sandpaper to roughen the surface of it slightly. Wipe the substrate and back of it with a tack rag to remove dust. Never leave the dust on the ceiling or back of it because the dust will interrupt good adhesion and cause it to not sit flush.

Run lines of construction adhesive across the back of the ceiling-medallion beginning 1-inch from the edge of it and ending 1-inch from the opposite edge. Leave 2-inches of space between each line of construction adhesive.

Position the plastic or resin medallion onto the ceiling staying within the drawn guidelines. Rotate the  medallion while pressing it up against the ceilingto distribute the adhesive evenly. Run your hand over it pressing it in place against your ceiling. Hold the  medallion against your ceiling with your hand for three to five minutes to allow the adhesive to set. Construction adhesive is dries quickly and usually will set within a few minutes..

 Finishing Touches on a ceiling-medallion

 Run a bead of paintable latex caulk around the edge of it to fill in gaps, if necessary.

If you plan to paint your ceiling-medallions, it is easier to do so before hanging.

Be Careful

Wear eye protection and gloves while hanging ceiling-medallions.

Never stand on the top step of a stepladder.

Have a friend or family member help you lift large medallions and act as a go-fer.