If your looking to split some costs in your new apartment home, maybe having a potential roommate split the costs with you is a possibility. But when you interview a potential client, you will want to make sure that they can fit comfortably in your lifestyle.  So its important that you be honest with yourself and those that you interview.  Also realize that you will be discussing your lifestyle with a complete stranger. So its probably not a good idea to tell them to much.  Here are some ideas you might want to take into consideration when searching for a new roommate.

 Make A Questionnaire

 Try making a questionnaire that a prospective renter may fill out. This should help you screen out potential roommates who don’t fit your ideal person. You simply don’t need to interview everyone in person. This questionnaire should make it clear whether you two are compatible or not. Make sure you get their feelings about pets, social activities they engage in, and even religious and dietary needs. Are they a night person? If you get up early for work in the mornings, and they are up until 3am making a lot of noise, they may not work out after all. 

 Don't Tell Them Too Much At First

 Don’t tell to much about your personal life including what places you visit or where you work or attend school. You have got to remember that you don’t know who you are speaking with. 

 And many times, you may feel that this person just isn’t working for you.If you feel that this is the case. just tell them you will review the questionnaire and that you will get back to them. You have some other potential roommates that you would like to contact too. Don’t worry about hurting their feelings either.

 Ask The Hard Questions

 When you are interviewing someone face to face you have got to ask direct questions that may be difficult to operate. If you hit it off, you will be happy that you have found someone that you can live with.