Little Girl We've all been intimidated by someone – whether it is by your ex's new boyfriend who has money, looks, and everything else that you are not, to that really loud and confident woman who seems to get all the guys (and girls even). Well, what if the intimidated could become the intimidator? With a few simple tricks of the the intimidation trade, you could be the guy who makes others look at the floor with intimidation when you walk into a room, and who reduce fully grown men to cower when you make sudden movements around them, just by conveying intimidation with your body language.

Things You Will Need

A persistently annoying person<br>
Some smarts<br>
And this guide<br>

Step 1

Confident speech

Confident speech Control your voice and speak with confidence. This means that you shall speak slowly, pronouncing every consonant and vowel. Do not rush while speaking; take your time. Make sure that you have a confident and powerful tone and not a hushed and inconsistent tone and you will make people think that you are just that-confident and powerful

Step 2

kitty defensive face

Have a steady face when having a full blown confrontation. When it comes to full on arguments, silence is golden. Look at them straight in the eye,

kitty defensive face

talk in a deep voice with a plain face. When those who confront you can't read your face, they'll be genuinely terrified; they won't know what you're thinking or how you're going to react.

Step 3

Increase your body mass. No, I dont mean that you need to go to the gym to bulk up to look intimidating-but it wont hurt anyway. You can easily look larger by taking up larger space area. Open your legs, animate your arms, and take up more space. Puff up your chest and move with confidence while looking at people directly in the eye.

Step 4

Demonstrate your rage potential. It is important to stay calm and coy, but show briefly show your rage-and what exactly they are confronting. Then regain your poise. People will be more careful and wary with someone who is seems unpredictable.

Step 5

Be severe and stiff with your movement. Dramatize your movements and gestures.

Step 6

Intimidate with wit, charm, and social skills. Using confidence will show that you are not one to be stepped on. Talk and interact with fellow human beings confidently, and you will have an aura of confidence about you from the get-go.


Tips & Warnings

Use your brain. Genuine intelligence is far more intimidating than a burly muscle head with nothing in-between his eyes. Show that you are aware of the world around you, and you are not afraid to live it to its fullest potential.