Lawn Mower Blade Close UpA sharp lawn mower blade will ensure that your mower will give you years of great service. This article will explain the safest methods to sharpen your lawn mower blade. Use Steps 1 thru 5 if you are using the bench grinder method. If you are using a rotary or dremel tool begin at Step 6. Dremel tool users will actually finish at Step 5 also.

Needs - A bench grinder or rotary tool with a sharpening attachment. A bench vise. A flat Mill Bastard file. Appropriate safety gear as detailed in the article.

1. Adjust The Bench Grinder Rest to thirty degrees or to match the current bevel on the dull blade. If you are mowing extra-short or golfing type grass you can use a bevel between ten and twenty-five degrees but the lawn mower blade will dull quicker.

2. Draw the blade across the face of the grind stone at a thirty degree angle. The important part of this step is to move the blade at a uniform speed across the stone. Leather gloves and eye protection are a must for this step.

3. Next you will set the blade on the work table with the beveled side facing down. Then secure it using two sided tape.

4. Now, with the file, remove the burr from the edge of the non-beveled side of the blade. When this burr is gone, your blade will be very sharp. Don't take off the gloves yet.

5. Put the blade back on the lawn mower. Be careful handling a sharp blade and take care to put back on with the bevel properly faced. Now it's time to mow the lawn.

6. Attach the sharpening adapter to the rotary tool. Be sure the connection is clean and tight. Continue to wear gloves and eye protection.

7. Place the dull blade in the vise. Face the bevel so that the sharpener attachment will engage the dull edge.

8. Using the attachment as a guide, sharpen the blade. As with step one, smooth steady strokes are best.

9. Repeat steps 3, 4, and 5.

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