Advice about How to keep a man interested

How to keep a man's interest: 7 Tips

Women are always well dressed and well-groomed, thus eye-catching and attractive. However, stop a moment and think, is it enough to keep a man?  Most probably not enough as it requires more than good looks, good grooming to keep a man. In this article, there are pointers on how to keep a man. Read on to know more.

  1. Do not chase a man:  It is a man’s prerogative to pursue a woman. Hence do not take his role.  If he likes you the way you are and wants to know more about you, he will put the effort. A bit of mystery on the part of woman is not bad. Men like to be intrigued. Rather than telling everything about yourself, keep some parts a mystery and let him unravel it.
  2. Boost his ego:  Let him wear the pants.  They say a man has an ego larger than his life.  Boost his ego and you are going in the right direction and will know how to keep a man.  A man feels good when you make him feel good and he will put in extra efforts to be around you more often.
  3. Be independent: Men like strong women and especially those who are independent.  Restrain yourself from over texting and calling up often.  The lesser you call, the more he will want to be with you. Men tend to lose interest once the chase ends. Keep the spark and interest alive in the relationship with limited communication.
  4. Patience: How to keep a man? The basic need is patience and understanding that too loads of it. Men do not understand why women love mushy films over gore and violence.  Don’t bother trying to explain.  Instead dig deep into your reserves of patience and watch his favorite action thriller or the football game even if you don’t understand why 22 grown up men are running after one ball and jump in joy when they kick it.
  5. Good looking and Confident: Men simply can’t resist women who are well turned out and confident of themselves. Men love to show off such women and impress their friends and acquaintances.
  6. Don’t be an easy catch: some people say it’s not a good idea to keep a man’s interests If you jump into bed on the first date. That’s not true, there is nothing wrong with that, however you need to make sure you both feel comfortable and you are ready. You should feel the urge rather than giving in to his demands to keep him happy. Remember, a relationship is a two-way partnership and both need to work to keep each other happy and do things with mutual consent not just to please one person in the relationship.
  7. Limit Public Display: You may feel the urge to display your feelings in public and he may not be comfortable. One way of how to keep your man is to limit and preferable avoid public display of affection. Ensure you display your affection in private and he will be happy to reciprocate. 

You don’t need to be Einstein to know how to keep a man.  Just follow the above pointers and you will have a happy and willing man in your life.