Keeping a Resolution

Do you want to know how to keep a New Year’s resolution? As another year comes to an end people want to make changes in their life to start fresh. We do this by declaring that this year coming up we well solve this or that in our lives. These “resolutions” often never come to pass because we place too high of expectations on ourselves and try to obtain goals that we are either not ready for or that are not obtainable in short periods of time.

The whole key to keeping a resolution is to pick something that you can do in small steps over the course of the year and not something that you’ll give up on right away. Too often we expect those “instant” results and when they don’t happen we become frustrated and give up without really giving the task we wish to accomplish the time it needs.  In this article we’ll discuss some steps you can take to make those common resolutions come true in your life. You can change if you commit yourself to it and put forth the effort required.

Stop Smoking

One common resolution is to quit smoking. This is a great one because we all know the dangers of smoking. I am an ex-smoker and many times I vowed to stop on New Year’s but never did it. I would stop for a few days and then started up again.  The key to keeping this resolution is to start small and work up to it in stages. For example, you could start January off by cutting back on the amount you smoke. Keep a record of how many cigarettes you smoke and slowly over the course of the year cut back more.  Once you’re down to zero cigarettes go out and get yourself a nicotine replacement product such as the gum and use that until you are free from cigarettes. This is the method that worked for me I went in stages and didn’t try to do it all at once. This is an example of how a New Year’s resolution can work.

Weight Loss

New Year's FireworksCredit: Morguefile by Nasirkhan

Trying to drop the pounds is another common resolution and it’s one we often simply drop after a few weeks or months. People who do this one probably exercise hard for a few weeks and then get frustrated as the weight is still there or not falling off fast enough. We see shows like the Biggest Loser and think we can do it quickly too. We forget that the people on that show are monitored by professionals and given the best training possible so it’s not realistic for the average person to lose as fast as they do on the show. The key would be to start off slowly by exercising more and watching what you eat. Over the course of the year if you maintained this lifestyle you would see some weight loss. It’s the instant results world we are so used to that makes resolutions so hard to keep. The “lose 10 pounds in 5 days” advertisements we see on television don't help much either. Keep this resolution by taking it slowly and like the smoking resolution, divide and conquer it.

Get Out Of Debt

Another common resolution is to pay off debts or get more financially secure. This is another resolution we often fail at because we set those high expectations on ourselves and never follow through to completion. If you are in debt, start January off by taking a very careful look at your finances and setting up a strict budget. Many debts are caused by people overspending even when they think they have enough money for everything. They buy something on impulse and then can’t pay for it. To get out of debt you have to break this cycle and only buy what you truly need for the year. All your additional income that you set aside in your budget should go towards paying off or reducing your debt. Even if you only manage to pay off a small portion of the debt in the year you have accomplished a large task. Seek financial help if you need it and work towards a goal you can obtain. If this is your goal then like the other resolutions, you need to use the divide and conquer method.

Complete Resolutions with Divide and Conquer Method

Completing a resolution tasks time and you shouldn’t rush into the task and expect those instant results. The way you learn how to keep a New Year’s resolution is to take small steps and divide and conquer the problem. This way you have manageable goals that you can keep during the year and you’ll be better set to actually making the resolution a reality. Keep track of your progress and see results over time. You can apply the divide and conquer method to any resolution. Once you understand the problem you want to solve you'll be better set to make those resolution dreams a possibility in your life.