One of the most common mistakes business make when starting a blog is not updating it often enough. This happens more often to small business and freelancers, who acknowledge a blog is an important part of a marketing strategy but lack the dedicated resources to keep it active. The most obvious way of having an active business blog is of course to outsource it to a social media marketing agency and forget about it, but many people prefer the cheaper and more personal do-it-yourself approach.

Start With Having A Clear Strategy

Your blog strategy will define what kind of content you use, what business blogging template you will be using and even how often will you be writing. Before installing that amazing WordPress template and looking at your first empty page you need to have a strategy and a good idea of what it's going to go in there. Enthusiasm can take you only so far, there's a point when you'll need method. Ask yourself what business objective is that blog trying to accomplish, and who is your target audience. What are they interested in reading about, what language they use. Answer as many questions about them as you can, before starting to write.

Set Up A Schedule For Writing (And The Free Time)

A schedule for writing isn't the same as a schedule for publishing. Most blogging platforms will allow you to set up a post to be published in the future, and often you will want feedback from a second (or third) set of eyes. Allocate resources (your time) to researching and writing your blog posts, and stick to it even if you don't really feel like it or you are really busy doing other things. A few hours a week will do, as long as you use them efficiently. Social media requires resources and if you just blog on your spare time you'll find out soon how little spare time a small business owner has.

Write Down Title Ideas And Inspiration

You never know when inspiration will strike, so keep some sort of note taking device handy. It can be your smart phone, an online list application or a trusty old paper but when you come across something that inspires you to write about it, make sure you write it down. Online applications such as Evernote allow you to clip fragments of websites with a mouse click and their free version is often more than enough for a small business owner needs. If you want to make money writing online, having something that allows you to take notes will save you lots of time.

Do Your Work In Batches

Professional writers will tell you that they often do the research for several articles all at the same time, then write them down and finally they edit them. This is the most efficient use of your writing time, because your brain doesn't need to change context from research, to write, to edit and becomes doubly important when working on other self employed job ideas,   such as writing for money for third parties.

Since you can schedule posts to be published in the future you can write several related ones and just mix them with posts on another subject to keep things interesting. I personally love using Pomodoro time management in business techniques for writing, since the 25' blocks are the right time for me to write an article, but it may be too restrictive for some.