Budgeting for Christmas begins by setting up a plan ahead of time for all money to be spent for the season.  To start preparing for the Christmas season, decide at the beginning how much money will be spent and on what.  You can break this up into categories including: food and beverages, decorations, gifts, travel costs, etc.  Before you begin buying Christmas gifts, decide how much money total is to be spent and on who.  Once you make this budget, stick to it, if you go back on it and willfully spend more then you are not using wisdom and the Christmas budget will not work.  Have your spouse, a friend or family member help to keep you accountable. 


Avoid making Christmas purchases that are on the spot or impulsive.  If you come across an item, say an expensive Christmas gift, ask your self where if anywhere does this fall into to the budget.  Even though the potential purchase may be a good one that you have prepared for, think on it for a day or two and if you decide (along with your accountability partner) that this is a good and right purchase to make, then make it.  Judge carefully any impulse that urges you have to buy something on the spot.  Most of the time if you give it a little time, these impulses will go any on items you really don’t need or aren’t in the Christmas budget.


Don’t go in to debt to make Christmas purchases.  Never make a Christmas budget based on money you do not have.  Spending money you do not have and going into debt will only leave you with a big bill earning interest that you will have to pay in January and a headache to go along.  Instead plan to start at the beginning of the year saving money little by little to spend on Christmas purchases.


Remember than when buying Christmas gifts, it not what amount you spend that’s important but the heart from which you give it from.  The money you spend on each person is not and should be a reflection of how much you love them but instead let it be an expression of the love and appreciation you have for them.  Gifts from the heart do not even need to be ones you have spent any money on, just ones you have put your energy, heart and love into.


Following these simple tips will help you to avoid financial anxiety and have more peace during the Christmas Season.