As the warmer weather approaches, it is time to get out our summer clothes and to find the fans knocking around in the back of our wardrobes. One of our greatest problems is finding out how to stay cool in the summer on those really hot days. Do we eat ice cream? Do we use air conditioning? Or do we just open the windows for some fresh but stifling air?

Things You Will Need

Fans, air conditioning, freezer goodies, water, fresh air

Step 1

Fans and Air Conditioning

We shouldn't be afraid to use desk fans as long as we don't use them for prolonged periods; they can use a lot of electricity. However, if you have cheap electricity you might not worry as much, but keeping desk fan use to a minimum is also more eco-friendly. The same goes for ceiling fans, but these are often more effective at circulating the air in the entire room rather than just a portion of it. Air conditioning can be expensive, but if you set it to certain times throughout the day you can have it working for the warmest parts.

Step 2

Freezer Goodies

It might be tempting to stick your head inside the freezer when the temperature rockets, but try just looking in it instead for ice creams, ice cubes, and ice lollies. You could use the ice cubes to make a refreshing jug of iced tea, or homemade lemonade. Remember to stay properly hydrated throughout hot weather.

Step 3

Water Heaven

If you have restrictions in your neighbourhood regarding outdoor water use throughout the summer, these tips are probably not best suited towards you. But if you can, why not play in the garden with the watering hose, a paddling pool, or a water sprinkler. Failing this you could always host a water balloon fight! If you think you are too sensible for playing in the garden, try a quick and cool shower instead.

Step 4

Fresh Air

There are ways to cool down even if you are reluctant to use electricity or water. Open you windows if there is a breeze outdoors, or go for a walk by the seaside. Big bodies of water always seem to have a breeze, and if you are brave you could always go for a dip too!


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