Even with all of the changes that Obamma has done to improve our economy, it still has some major problems - whatever you call it, "recession, stock market crash, or depression"- it has some major issues. Maybe the best words to describe this mess are lack of money, lack of job security, and lack of morale. Let's face it - all restaurants have a dollar menu for reason. We might not have any control over the stock market crashing or the US spending budget, but here are some things we can change at home. We just need to think outside the box. So, we can't spend as much money as we would like to spend, but there are other ways of climbing your way out of the dumps.

Things You Will Need

*Computer/internet to find coupons
*Video of choice
*Board game of Choice
* Food for a packed lunch

Step 1

Even though you would really like to have big expensive meal, a dollar menu can be your best friend. If you have kids, taking them to the big fancy restaurant is probably boring to them. You spend over $10 per meal, and they would probably prefer a dollar burger anyway. While this might not be your taste of a charcoal cooked steak, a charred broiled hamburger for a dollar could fill that void. If you go to one of those restaurants with a playground built-in, you also gain free entertainment for your children for hours.

Step 2

How much is going to the movies? Talking about adding to your depression, a movie night out with the family takes a lot of money. Movie tickets cost anywhere from $10-$12. If you have a small family of three, after buying popcorn, drinks, and tickets, it could cost you more than $70. Check your local listings for the dollar to two dollar movies. These movies might not be the current movies that are showing right now, but it is a nice place to go that will help your money challenged wallet. Another place to see cheap or free movies, is your local park. We have one park that encourages people to come to the park, bring a blanket to sit on, a picnic dinner and enjoy a free movie. It's great fun, and builds a community spirit.

Step 3

Coupons are your next best friend. Clipping the right coupons can save you more than half, get the item for free or get money back for buying the item. For example, I had a five dollar off coupon for this particular type of medicine, Zantac. In most of the stores I went to, the price of the product was higher than the coupon, but, at Wal-Mart, the item was a dollar less than the coupon. I made money from buying this product. By creating different recipes of coupons, you can whip up some nice bargain meals with nice side items.

Step 4

Create a "at home entertainment dinner night." Have the family get involved making homemade pizzas. Let each family member create their own pizza with their own favorite delicious toppings. Pick out an old movie video that the whole family likes to watch or a family favorite board game. You have a night filled with great food and family fun entertainment.

Step 5

If it is the summer, go to the lake with a packed lunch and enjoy the day. If it's winter around Christmas time, a lot of churches and community parks have free events going on. If you are like me, I get nervous going to these free community events because I don't know the people there or what their opinion of me will be, "get over it." That's why they have them. Have fun. They want you to come, and you might make a friend or two. Life is too short to let worries stop you from enjoying life. The worst thing that can happen is that you don't like it. If you don't like it, you can leave – you're not chained to the chair. The best thing is you could have fun.

The steps mentioned above, will take some planning and effort on your part, but it will be worth it. It will save you from a lot of worries and money. If you do your homework, you'll find a lot of free entertainment.

Tips & Warnings