Who wouldn't agree that sharing a fine bottle of wine and a lovley meal at restaurant and good company isn't a romantic idea? The problem can often involve finances. Its not being mean or stingy its ust reality that going to a good restaurant for quality wine and food comes with a hefty price tag. When you are young, have financial problems or kids and a family these prices can often be out of your range, so even if you can get a babysitter whilst you and your partner rekindle your romance you may not be able to afford to do it the way you would want. Romance however, can be done very nicely on a budget.

It is not just things such as towels and robes that are romantic his n hers gifts. There are a lot of other gift ideas you could try too. You can have matching pumpkins with carved sayings at halloween, matching mugs with messages on and even t-shirts printed with his n hers romantic messages. Then there are key rings, glasses, ornaments, sporting equipment and even matching cell phones! In fact in nowadays almost anything you can think of can be personalized and there are a number of good companies on the internet who specialise in providing personalized gift solutions.

Then there are the little romantic sexy gestures you can make that don't cost a cent but do show just how much your loved one means to you. A couple of my favorites are removing the bookmark from her book and leaving a romantic note inside instead or taping a message to the tv, refridgerator,the inside of her purse or in her pockets. It is these small gestures that can make a big difference in keeping romance burning.

Memories are what remain with us long after obects are gone. There are a number of ways to build special memories such as challenging your loved one to remember the most romantic movie kiss they have seen, then out of the blue you buy the movie and try to recreate that special romantic kiss, either in a special place or whenever the mood arises! If neither of you can agree on the most romantic kiss make a list, a top 5 or top ten, then you can try and recreate all of them! The list idea is a really good one and can work for other things too such as top romantic songs, romantic moments and even top 5 caresses!

A fun idea for a romantic evening on a low budget is as simple as not having to leave the house. You stay indoors, turn off the electricity and the heating and imagine the power has gone down and you have to use your imagination to have a romantic evening and keep each other warm!

Baking and cooking is another great romantic idea. Not ust the tried and tested ideas of cooking a meal for your loved one but also how about baking cup cakes or cookies and putting a special message in them? Leaving the cookies or cakes to be discovered with their special message. You can even carve a message in the top of an Oreo (or similar)
So you can see just a few suggestions that keep romance alive and the fires burning without costing a fortune, and you know taking time and imagination is often a much more romantic gesture than unthinkingly spending hundreds of dollars on a gesture that has no soul to it. You see romance can be kept alive on a budget and I hope these few ideas have helped.

Thanks for taking the time to read this article.