Internet Safety

While the Internet is a great learning tool many parents worry about the unsuitable content their children could be exposed to.Luckily the options to monitor what children are viewing online have become greater and in some cases free.So what is available, what are the features and were can you find free web protection software ?

Web protection software gives you total control over what your kids can access online.Instead of trying to block websites one at a time you can blog category's of content such as violence, drugs, gambling etc..You can also fix search engines like Google and Yahoo to be on safe search for all users.This will stop children finding inappropriate images in their searches.Finally you can block any Internet access during certain times like night time and hours you are at work.

K9 Web Protection

Web Protection

The software i have found most reliable is K9 Web Protection and yes its Free.For more information and features go to the K9 Web Protection Website.

K9 Quote

"...K9 Web Protection is Web filtering software. When you have it turned on, it prevents the computer user from viewing websites that contain unwanted content. It can block more than 55 different categories of content, including pornography, hate speech and sites that promote violence or permit gambling..."

Hopefully using web protection software will give you piece of mind, knowing your children are safe online.