Trees all over the country will be cut down and brought into loving homes this Christmas season. With a few tips, you can make sure your tree stays green all season long.

Things You Will Need

Bow saw, chain saw, or reciprocating saw.

Tree stand.


Step 1

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When you go to get your fresh Christmas tree, it is important to know what kind of trees are available.
If you go to a home center, then the only real trees they have are ones that were cut down months ago and put in cold storage until the Christmas season. These trees have already begun to dry up and will be hard to keep fresh all season.

If you're going to get a fresh tree anyway, be sure it really is fresh. Cut one down yourself. There are Christmas tree farms covering the entire country. You no doubt live within a few miles of one.

Step 2

Cut it again.

Once you get the tree home you will need to get your preferred saw, I like using a reciprocating saw because it's a clean cut and very fast. The faster you do this step, the better.

You'll need to cut the bottom of the trunk off. Yes, I know it's already been cut down, but this is a must!

Cut about one and a half inches (1.5") up from the bottom of the trunk. This is to help the tree take up water once you get it in the stand. The trip home was plenty of time for the tree sap to seal the end of the tree to prevent water loss. This also makes it impossible to soak up any water.

Step 3


Put the tree in the stand immediately. The faster you can do this, the better. You'll probably need some help straightening the tree, but you can do that in a few minutes. Do the next step before straightening the tree any further.

Step 4

Water, Water, Water

Put water into the stand as soon as the tree is in. That sap will start sealing the end of the tree immediately, so that water is important. Once you pour at least a gallon of water into the stand, then you can move onto the next step of setting the tree up.

Step 5

Straighten Up

While the tree is soaking up water, take this time to straighten the tree. Again, you'll probably need someone to help hold the tree while doing this.

Step 6

And Water Some More

Even though you've already done all this work and the tree is standing straight and in the water, you still need to remember to water it more. A fresh Christmas tree can soak up over a gallon of water in the first 24 hours that you have it home.

Continue to check the water level and re-water to make sure the tree doesn't dry out.

If you follow these steps, your tree can last for up to 6 weeks indoors.

Tips & Warnings

Fir trees hold onto the needles much longer than pines, so even if they dry out, they will still hold most of their needles.

Avoid using the old C7 and C9 type bulbs. These can get very hot and dry the tree out faster. Try using new LED Christmas lights.

Use a low clearance Christmas tree stand (not the tall, inverted funnel types) to make it easier to get the tree in water and stand it up sooner.

Use a piece of PVC pipe and funnel to water the tree so you don't have to get on your hands and knees. This also prevents spillage.

Use fresh water. None of the self-reported life lengthening additives do any good.

Keep your tree away from air ducts and drafts.