Cooling DogCredit: Google

When the temperature climbs into the 90’s it becomes unbearable for some of us. We are not the only ones that have to deal with this, our four legged friends are also greatly affected by the sizzle. 

Know The Signals

Heat StrokeCredit: Google
Are you aware of the signs of heat stroke? Well if you are unaware here is what you can look out for : drooling, excessive panting. difficulty breathing, weakness, and vomiting. If your pet is displaying any of these symptoms, you should contact your vet right away.

Keep The H20 Coming

You can avoid dehydration in your furry companion by always providing them with fresh cool water. H20 will hydrate them and they will thank you for it. 

ExerciseWalking DogCredit: Google

During extreme heat it would be best to take your pet out for their walk early in the morning or late in the evening. By choosing these periods, you will avoid the peak heating of the day. Your pet’s paws can easily get burnt on hot asphalt. Therefore before the walk touch the sidewalk, if it is too hot you can opt to avoid the walk or simply walk your pet in the grass.

Allow Them In

For pets that are normally outside, it would be wise to bring them indoors. Be sure to allow your pet access to air conditioned areas of your home. If you have a dog, fans are not a good option to cool them. Dogs sweat mainly through their feet, so unless you plan on holding your dog’s paws up to the fan, it will not lower their body temperature. If you prefer your animal to remain out doors, please provide shady shelters for resting. In addition make sure to leave plenty of fresh water in sturdy containers.

Leave Them Home
During the extreme heat a parked car becomes an oven in no time. Therefore when running errands, leave your pet at home so you won’t have to leave them in your car. Even with the windows open, temperatures can climb to over 110 degrees. If you see a pet that was left in a vehicle during a heat wave, you should call the police.

With a little extra care, we can all make it through the summer months comfortably.