An uncluttered house is very important. Why is it important? An uncluttered house will make it easier for you to live in your house. For example, you need to find something; you can find it easily because your house is clean and organized. It will also give you more space to work. It can give you peace of mind by just looking at your clean and organized house. And most importantly, it reflects who you are.

There are several ways in making your house uncluttered:

  • Donate or throw away the things that you no longer need. This will give you more space for new things. In this way, you can help others. Those people who needs the things that you no longer need.
  • Assign proper places for everything. In this way, when the time comes that you need them, you can easily find them. If you have kids 5 and below then you should assign a closet for their toys and lock that closet so that everytime they want to play, they will ask for your permission and when they are done they can put it back there. In this way, they won’t be able to make a mess in the house.
  • Throw things in their proper garbage cans. Teach your kids proper garbage disposal. This should be strictly implemented at home.
  • Assigned tasks. You don’t have to do everything. You should assign your husband and kids with a specific task.
  • Resist the urge to buy stuff. Don’t just buy and buy but make sure that before you buy things, you really need them. Buying unnecessary stuff will also clutter your house.
  • Redecorate your house once in a while. In this way, it will make your house look clean and new all the time.
  • Set Rules. You should implement these rules strictly and even put punishments if they are not obeyed. Like for example, your husband is assigned for washing the dishes tonight and he doesn’t do it so as a punishment, he will be the one to wash the dishes for the whole week. Sounds militaristic right? But in this way they will be able to know how serious you are in keeping the house uncluttered.

We can easily change our cluttered house to an uncluttered one. All we have to do is follow these guidelines and be serious about it. Keeping our house uncluttered requires determination, perseverance, patience and dedication. Decluttering is not a one day process; it takes weeks and even months. Set your mind to it. It will keep you going.