Can Your Man

So many single women have found it hard to stay in a lasting relationship. They fall victim to the same old issues. Go out and get a man and then so often try to recreate that man into what they're looking for.

Changing a man may be the most challenging endeavor a female can attempt. They are extremely set in the ways they live. Men today, that have passed the age of twenty, are very involved in the persona they may have developed as a child.

They have spent a great deal of time perfecting who they are. A women comes along and attempts to make a dramatic change to the basic thought process of this individual. They will try to get the man to see things from their perspective.

This is the wrong way to go about the task of bringing him around. Men are very stubborn individuals. They also will do the opposite, just because they have been told what to do. Feeling that emotion of being in charge of their lives and never caving in to others trying to change them is one fact of male life. Never will a women be allowed to change the outlook men have on life.

The best result a women can expect is a lie. The man will agree with his woman to pacify the situation, turn the conversation to something less controversial and, therefore, avoid an argument.

These kind of pent up hostilities will do absolutely nothing to help a relationship progress forward. In fact just the opposite is true. The deception becomes too much work for most men and the relationship loses its net worth to them.

For those of you who are into maths, the formula goes something like this, Woman + Work required to keep woman happy = Net value of relationship.

Each time a subject comes up in a partnership there is a value put on the result of this issue by the man. This may be subconscious to some, but it's present in all men.Keep Your Man

They will ponder the trait in question and instantly know if their going to adjust their lifestyle to become more like this trait, or if this one requires a pacifying lie to get past.

Women on the other hand will take the issue and make it a high priority to succeed at converting their mate. What tends to happen, is time will erode the net worth of the relationship to the man. Slowly the plus side dwindles as physical attraction fades, as most relationships experience, the things considered important to sticking together can change.

Generally speaking, men should be what your looking for when you get them. Too many women believe they can change their man. This is a myth that they tell themselves. The reason the belief exists is because most men will promise you the world, if that's what you ask for.

Promising you the world and handing you a globe full of fun, in life for real, are two different things. Blaming the man for this discretion, between the lie and what they may actually deliver, is not right either. After all your trying to change the man that thought you liked him the way he was.

So some items to think about, when trying to keep your man;


Stop trying to change your man, it won't happen. Not for real anyway, deep down men are men.


Make sure your man gets a lot of, "that a boys". For some reason the male human thrives when being told how well their doing.


Try to remember the things you did like about your man. The things that attracted you to them in the first place. Dwell on these, instead of the things you're trying to change.


Recognize the difference between the promises that are heartfelt and the ones that are meant to pacify you. This will save you a lot of trouble down the road.


Feed your man a constant diet of statements that will make him feel needed. This must be true, or you wouldn't be wasting your time trying to change him.


The last thing I can say on the subject is to feed your man. Feed Your Man

If you cook well, do it often; if you don't then order out. Whatever is necessary to keep your man's stomach full should be undertaken as though your relationship depended on it.

It could just be the deciding factor that turns the mathematical formula of the relationship to the negative side of the rational scale, that the male mind uses to know if their relationship is worth keeping.

How to keep your man forever is a question that women have most likely asked themselves since the first couple got together. Figuring out how to do it seems to be an ongoing subject of intense study.