Kicking The Soccer Ball

Soccer is without doubt the most widely played sport in the world.  It is often called the World Game.

A major reason why is its playability.  It is not necessary to be a superstar to enjoy the sport.  There are many levels and grades and almost everyone can be part of a team.

For you to gain all the enjoyment you can out of it, you must learn how to kick the ball properly.  This sounds simple, and for the most part it is, but there are a few aspects to kicking the ball. 

The kicks can be categorised into three main groups.  There is passing, which utilises the inside of the foot.  The lofted kick which involves getting the foot under the ball.  The final type is used to gain power behind the kick without lifting it in the air too much.  This is probably the most difficult of the three but, with practice, it is easily mastered.  It involves hitting the ball with the top of the foot, or the laces area of the boot, with the toes pointing down.  If you hit it right, the ball travels very fast and low to the ground.

The passing kick is very easy to do and comes naturally to most people.  It is a natural transgression to stop the ball with the inside of your foot and then quickly pass it on again using the same part of your foot.  This type of kick is very accurate and it is possible to finely judge distance and power.  Some players utilise this kick when taking penalties as they know the ball will go exactly where they want it too.  It is used almost exclusively to pass the ball to other players because of the control you have over the ball.

The lofted kick is used when taking free or goal kicks and, at times, during play to clear the ball or pass over the heads of opposition players.  It enables the ball to travel a greater distance without interference.  Corner kicks are a prime example of this type of kick.  It is more difficult to control than a pass kick but has obvious advantages.

The last type of kick is used for power.  When you swing your foot forward to kick the ball, hold it at 90 degrees to the ground so the top of your foot connects solidly with the side of the ball.  Practice this kick and you will find that even if you do not follow through completely with the kick, you will gain plenty of power.  If hit correctly the ball will fly hard and fast, low to the ground.  It is classic goal scoring kick.  It does take quite a bit of practice to get right though.

Another important aspect of kicking is you must learn to use both your feet.  It feels awkward at first, but if you stick with it, you will utilise both feet without even thinking about it.  Then you will be able to play on either side of the ground in any position.

Once you have mastered these three kicks, you can then move onto using different parts of your foot, such as the outside, to make the ball curve slightly in the air, adding another weapon to your arsenal.

If you are comfortable kicking, then the game is far more enjoyable and surely that is the reason why so many people play it.