Bedbugs are a huge issue in many areas of the world. Some cities, such as New York, have bedbugs on epidemic proportions. With the increasing use of air travel, bedbugs can reach your city and household too. Bedbugs are not easy to get rid of, but this infobarrel should be helpful. Step one is optional - it may be a good idea to start at step two with the exterminator.

Things You Will Need

Vacuum Cleaner

Washing Machine

Caulk and caulking gun (local hardware store)
Local pest control company (exterminator) and enough money to pay

Screw driver to remove light switch plates

Step 1

How to Kill Bedbugs

Without an Exterminator (not recommended)

Vacuum the infested room thoroughly. Spare no inch of the room. All the bedbugs must be killed, as a single female can lay up to 500 eggs and replenish the population.

Wash everything that you can. This includes all your clothing, sheets, drapes and whatever else you can think of. Use hot, hot water. Again, if a couple of bedbugs are spared, your efforts are futile. Be ruthless.

NOT recommended - Most, if not all, home remedies. They are normally just a scam or a temporary fix. The bedbugs will return. Your best bet? Calling an exterminator. That's in step II.

Step 2

How To Kill Bedbugs (24890)

With an Exterminator (recommended)

The exterminator should be able to give you specific instructions. If the company does not, either consider a different company, or follow the directions below.

- Collect all furniture in one area of the room.

- Take off light switch plates. The bugs will hide in every possible place.

- Caulk walls and wood cracks (not too difficult). Again, the bedbugs will hide just about anywhere.

- Throw out your bedbug-infested matress

- Remove all bedding and fold the sheets in on themselves to trap bedbugs. Then, wash sheets with the hottest water possible. Wash all clothing and drapes as well. If it is hot enough outside, you can also hang the sheets and clothing to bake the bugs dead (bedbugs die at temperatures over 113 F, 45 C)

- The exterminator will effectively turn your room into a steam room. The hot temperatures will kill most of the exposed bedbugs. The rest will be flushed out of tight spots with chemicals and then steamed.

Step 3

How to Kill Bedbugs (24891)

Once the slaughter is over, take precautions to avoid bedbugs. Three helpful tips:
Never open your suitcases on your bed.

Be on the lookout for bedbugs when traveling. Switch rooms and vacuum your bag if you notice any.

Rest travel bags on furniture so the bedbugs can't hop onto them.

With bedbugs, your best best is to call an exterminator. Clearly, they are not easy to kill. It is possible though, so best of luck.

Tips & Warnings

I did not discuss any chemicals for killing bedbugs. That's because I don't recommend using chemicals unless you are a trained exterminator. Leave it to them and save yourself a big headache.

Shop around to find the best deals on exterminating bedbugs.

Even exterminating isn't guaranteed to remove the bedbugs. Observe closely in the weeks that follow for more bedbugs.