Typically found in south coastal areas of the United States, centipede grass is a lawn grass that is well-known to have a high tolerance for being neglected and for drought-like conditions. There are hundreds of manufacturers that make herbicides and weed killers all types of lawns, but centipede grass weed killers are not common, that’s why it’s imperative that one reads the instructions correctly before applying any weed killer to centipede grass or you’re like to find yourself killing your centipede lawn!

One of the main questions that a homeowner has: How to Kill Clover In Centipede Grass or how to kill clover without killing grass? Although I’m not an expert, I will try to explain the most dummy friendly way to killing clover in centipede grass.

If you were to get any herbicides, you’ll notice that the main chemical that will kill clover is atrazine. It doesn’t matter what brand of herbicide you use, as long as the herbicide has the chemical atrazine, it should do the job for you, without killing your precious centipede lawn! The most common and popular brand on the market now to kill clover in centipede grass is called “Ortho Weed B” from Scott’s!

Step 1 - How To Kill Clover In Centipede Grass:

Whenever using any herbicide for whatever lawn type, always put your safety at hand first. Get some goggles to protect your eyes, use long gloves for your hands, wear long pants to protect your legs, and wear closed-tip shoes. It’s important to minimize the risk of the herbicide coming into contact with your skin or body.

Step 2 -  How To Kill Clover In Centipede Grass:

Using the instructions supplied with your herbicide chemicals, follow the step closely. You’ll usually find that these herbicides work by mixing water and the herbicide together. If you’ve bought the concentrated version of the herbicide, you’ll be required to mix water and the chemical together, then put the mixture into a self-contained sprayer. If you’ve bought the version that has a built-in sprayer, just connect your hose to it.

Step 3 – How To Kill Clover In Centipede Grass:

Start spraying your centipede lawn in either circular, vertical or horizontal motions, making sure that whichever motion you use, that you overlap it with the section you previously already sprayed it. This should make sure that you have covered almost every area on your lawn.

Step 4 - How To Kill Clover In Centipede Grass:

Once you’ve finished spraying the mixture, it’s time to make sure that you rinse out every equipment you used, especially if you were using a self-contained sprayer, this will ensure that it is clean and ready the next time you need to use it.How to kill clover in centipede grass

You also want to make sure that you throughly wash your hands and face to get rid of any chemical residue that might have hit your body while spraying.

Spraying herbicides can be dangerous, if you are not sure how to do it or are uncomfortable doing it, please get an expert to do it for you. Hope this quick and dirty article has helped you answer the question: how to kill clover in centipede grass.